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Dairy Supplies Sales Representative Resume

As a dairy supplies sales representative, you will be expected to have very good knowledge of the industry, especially dairy foods and the supplies the manufacturers need for producing these products: cheese wrappings, colorings, test indicators and other products. It is important to have some knowledge about chemistry, for some chemical compounds mixed together might become poisonous, and you will be responsible also for selling those. The dairy supplies sales representative resume you write will be one page long and will contain enough convincing information in order to secure the interview and to possibly land the job at the same time. This is because the employee will realize fast if you are a good sales person or not. The crucial information like the contact details (name, updated home address, email address, updated phone number) and then everything you did or everything that qualifies you for the position of a dairy supplies sales representative must be included, otherwise there is no point in applying for this position. Make sure to write a clear and simple objective, just like in the resume example below.


Dairy Supplies Sales Representative Sample Resume

Contact data

Name: Jerry Andrew
Home Address: 565 East Larded Street,
Detroit, MI 48226
Email Address:
Driver's License: yes
Phone Number: (313) 961 7766
Citizenship: U. S. Citizen
Marital status: Single


To occupy the position of a Dairy Supplies Sales Representative available at your facility.


A qualified and experienced Dairy Supplies Sales Representative, with more than eight years of work experience in this field, available for starting work anytime. Willing to use my skills and my knowledge for the benefit of your company. I believe that both your company and I will have to gain from working together.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the dairy foods industry
  • Great negotiating skills
  • Very reliable sales person
  • Good in chemistry
  • High achiever
  • Active listening skills
  • Persuasion skill
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Good in negotiation
  • Knowledge of social perceptiveness
  • Good in sales and marketing
  • Knowledge of production and processing
  • Customer and personal service skill
  • Great computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, email, internet

Work Experience

Dairy Supplies Sales Representative, Brown Milk products Pvt. Ltd, New York, 2005 to Present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Selling cheese wrapping, coloring, thickening, stabilizers and other similar products
  • Finding out from the manufacturers what else they need
  • Fulfilling specific product-related needs of the manufacturers
  • Maintained records, databases containing information about the clients: needs, products they have bought, gave up, reasons why and the like
  • Contacting other possible clients
  • Answering queries coming from clients, inspectors, superiors
  • Offering detailed information on the products availability to those interested and to the authorities
  • Made new promotional plan to increase sales
  • Participated in various trade fair on behalf of company and promoted the organization as a brand
  • Offering information on prices, credit terms, as well as other specifications
  • Presented the products' characteristics
  • Increased sales by 49% in ten months
  • Increased the client database with 50% in 13 months
  • Making sales report and expense reports and forwarding it to the manager
  • Generating new leads by cold calling new customers
  • Making deals with retail shop owners to increase client database
  • Making presentation, proposals and sales contract


Diploma in General Business , New York High School, 2001
Bachelors Degree in Business, University of New York, New York, 2003
On the job training at Wills Dairy Pvt. Ltd. New York, 2003–2005
Certification course in MS Office


Gerard K. Rodriguez
Brown Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.

Paris M. Wake
General Manager
Wills Dairy Pvt. Ltd.

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