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Electric Motors Salesperson Resume

Have you ever thought why a resume is so important in our professional life? In fact, it can be said that a resume is the key for your professional career. If you do not enter or insert the right key, you cannot get in. A key is made keeping in mind the size of the keyhole. A bigger or smaller key will not work. In the same way, a resume is to be written keeping in mind the type of job you are applying for. A resume has to be relevant and fitting for the job. Same is the case with an electric motors salesperson resume. You have to draft this resume in such a way that it appears relevant and fitting for the job of an electric motors salesperson.

After making the right key, it is necessary to turn it in the right direction. If you turn it in the wrong direction, you will never be able to open the door. Similarly, you have to take care to see that you mould your resume in such a way that it opens your possibilities of getting into the right job.


Let us peep into a few responsibilities that are related to the job of an Electric Motors Salesperson.

He or she has to estimate the costs of the repairs in the retail, manufacturing or the repair establishments; to determine the malfunctions of the motors that have been received for repairs with the help of test equipment and to establish the repair costs with the help of a price list for the parts needed and the work done. In order to become a good electric motors salesperson you need sales abilities, persuasion skills, and solid knowledge regarding the functioning of the motors and the repairs that they might need in case something goes wrong.

The best candidate for this position should possess knowledge about electric motors, about the mechanical problems that these might have and about the proper substitute pieces of equipment in case the original one is not available. Having graduated from a technical college is an advantage, but technical courses or your passion for electric motors are also valued by employers. You just have to prove that you have the necessary knowledge and that you have the ability to sell the products of the company. The resume should present your technical skills, your persuasion ability and the previous experience you have.

Electric Motors Salesperson Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Sam Smith
Address: 22, Milton Avenue, USA
Phone: 234-422-5487
E-mail: sam87@jmail
Date: January 9, 2011

Career Objective

To obtain the job of electric motors salesperson. It is my objective to increase the sales of the company by explaining to clients why the electric motors in store are the best products for them and by convincing them to purchase these items.

Skills And Competencies

  • Sound knowledge regarding the technology used in this field
  • Good communication skills
  • Persuasion skills
  • Negotiating abilities


Electric Motors Salesperson, 2009 to present, Cranel Electric Motors, Inc., Some City, USA

Job Duties

  • Selling new and used fractional horsepower electric motors
  • Estimating the costs of the repairs in retail, manufacturing and repair facilities
  • Determining the cause of the malfunctions with the help of the testing equipment

Office Assistant, 2005 to 2009, Cranel Electric Motors, Inc., Some City, USA

Job Duties

  • Assisting the salesperson in estimating the cost of repairs with the help of a price list
  • Receiving old motors in exchange for new or used ones
  • Offering help in keeping records of the exchanges made or of the sales made of new and used motors

High School Diploma, City Technical School, USA
BS in Electro-mechanical Technology, Louisiana Technical College, 2004


Improving the performances of the company through making more sales


  • Electronics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Biology

Kelly Smith
General Manager
Cranel Electric Motors, Inc., Some City, USA
E-mail address:

Other personal details
Birth Date: 25 March 1985
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married
Driver's License: Yes

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