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Event & Trade Show Marketer Resume

Event and trade show marketers are professionals employed by organizations to select profitable event shows and promote them before, during and after the actual event takes place. Selecting trade shows and events means first of all fitting them adequately and profitably in the marketing mix of the company.


Trade shows and events marketers then have to determine the most beneficial marketing strategies for the type of event in discussion. They have to keep in mind a balance between the needs of the targeted public or of the general public and the branding. In order to design a successful marketing strategy, it is important that the marketer is familiar with the customer life cycle, with the product life cycle, but also with the customer financial power and buying process. All these are important in aiming the right targets of motivation and promoting events with different content. After designing the strategy and setting the objectives, the trade show and event marketer has to collaborate with a team of professionals and connect those objectives to metrics. Managing all aspects of the trade show is very important for the marketing team. They have to consider the event's location, design, the staff needed, schedule and so on.

The resume of a trade show and event marketer needs to include training in the marketing field and the ability to understand events and how the customers relate to them.

Event & Trade Show Marketer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jack Hanks
Birth date: 01.03.1979
Address and Contact Details: 60 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9EA
Phone: (202) 948-15243
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: No


I am a marketing undergraduate with experience in the field, especially as a trade show and event marketer. I have promoted many trade shows in London, most of them based on books and publishers and I have obtained great results in meeting the projects' objectives and satisfying the agency's clients. I have the necessary skills and abilities to manage a large variety of trade shows and events and help them have success amongst customers.


My objective is to continue to exercise my skills as a marketer and help businesses promote their products in organized, fashionable ways that can contribute to the creation of an interactive, modern trade practice.


Marketer with inclination towards the trade show and event promotion, in search for a job position in a large company.


  • Marketing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Organizational and communicational skills
  • Ability to analyze public needs and to design branding procedures
Computer knowledge: advanced computer literacy

Work Experience:

Trade Show and Event Marketer, 2001-2005


  • In charge with serving different companies with my abilities in promoting various events, cultural or business events
  • Analyzing the market and establishing goals
  • Working with a team of professionals in managing every detail of the events, starting with the location and ending with the design
Education and Training:

Master's in Public Relations, London University
Bachelor's Degree in Sales and Marketing, London University


As a trade show and event marketer, I have contributed to the organization of cultural events and I have helped the society become more interested in trade shows through promotion strategies.

Areas of interest: business, culture, marketing, sales


Available upon request

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