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Furniture Salesperson Resume

To be a furniture salesperson, one must have a good taste for furniture and immense knowledge in the field. A furniture salesperson should be aware of all the latest trends and decor in furnishing. The furniture industry is a rich booming industry because it is only though the design and pattern of the furniture, a house becomes a home. Most furniture helps to add a warm touch to your home. The kind of wood and fabric used can add glamour and grace to a piece. A salesperson needs to know what would fit each client's preferences and home, and must be able to give detailed information on the kind of furniture available in the store. A furniture salesperson resume should be drafted keeping the skills and knowledge required in this field. One should also possess some passion for the job to become a furniture salesperson.


A furniture salesperson represents the store and is in direct contact with the customers. They need to gauge the customer's requirements and deal with different clients in a day. It is beneficial if the sales persons have some interior design knowledge, as it would help them give better suggestions to the clients; some people can be very meticulous when choosing their furniture! Other customers choose only branded and designer furniture. The salesperson should know what the criteria are for the customer to choose a piece to direct them in the right path.

Depending upon the size of the store, a furniture salesperson would be given responsibilities. For E.g., in large stores, a furniture salesperson has to deal only with the sales, whereas in small stores one should also check on the inventory and other responsibilities as assigned. When drafting a resume in this category one should know what their job responsibilities would be to draft an effective resume. Candidate's skills and previous job experience would be the highlight of a good furniture salesperson resume. Either the remuneration for a salesperson is a fixed salary with commission or they are paid a small percentage of the sales.

Sample Furniture Salesperson Resume

Personal data

Name: Aimee Danni
Birth date: 19.05.1983
Driver's license: yes
Nationality: American
Phone number: (1254) 555-5844
Address: Grand lane 544, Anaheim, California

Work Objective

I want to make customers happy when they walk into our shop, and not let them leave empty handed. I have a passion for furniture pieces and interior designing and I think I can put this at good use, in my career. I would like to work in a stable place, where I can develop my selling abilities, and where I can grow as a person.


  • Client oriented
  • Work very well in a team, and always with the Supervisors
  • Updated with the latest news in the furniture industry
  • Very good communication and management skills
  • Good convincing and persuasive skills
  • Friendly and polite
  • Good at time management
  • Knowledge of computers
  • Strong knowledge of individual furniture pieces and categories
  • Interior design knowledge
  • Pleasant appearance and always neatly dressed

Work Experience:

Gerald Furnishing
Furniture Salesperson, 2008-2010

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Greeting the customers
  • Understand their requirements and coming up with suggestions
  • Showing the customers around
  • Closing the sale
  • Processing paper work and making financial arrangements if required
  • Arranging fabric changes as requested
  • Maintaining records of customers who did not purchase and follow up if need be

Sales assistant, 2005-2008
Sougara Style Shop, Seattle

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the shop's clients with their purchases
  • Kept the shop clean and arranged
  • Arranged the cosmetics on shelves by category and type
  • Gave detailed information on all the products on display

Special achievements:

While working at the retail shop, I improved the sales of the store by 15%


High school diploma, Graduate High, Seattle, 2001 Bachelor's degree in foreign trade, 2005


Interior designing and design products
Fashion and beauty


References would be available upon request

Candidate who wishes to apply for a job in this category can use the above furniture salesperson resume as a reference. Previous experience, although not relevant also needs a mention.

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