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General Hardware Salesperson Resume

The general hardware sales person will work in a store where all kinds of tools are sold. These tools can be keys, locks, chains, hinges, plumbing supplies and any other kind of items used for general use and which are needed when one least expects it. Usually men work in these places, but women aren't an uncommon sight. Maybe the important feature the candidate must possess is knowledge about the use of every item in the shop and its denominations. At times, clients might come and ask for unusual items and the sales person must know if they have that item or not in stock. Another quality would be that of a very good organizer and having a good memory.


The classic resume runs on one or two pages for this position. It usually covers past and related experience and (or) willingness to learn new things and keeping updated. In order to increase the chances for an interview, the career goal must be stated clearly right after the contact details. Other sections included in the resume are the work experience, education, references, skills, and then any other section that you consider helpful in getting the job. You can use the resume example below if you have never written a resume before. Always make sure that the personal information is up to date.

Sample General Hardware Salesperson Resume

Contact data

Name John Davis
Address: 1st Flower Street, Greenville, Texas
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: 222 3030 004
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


Seeking to obtain the position of a General Hardware Sales person in your store. It is my objective to provide clients with excellent services.


  • great communication and interpersonal skills ;
  • can work in shifts;
  • available for immediate employment;
  • perfect team player ;
  • very good at arithmetical operations;
  • very good at multi-tasking;
  • very good knowledge of general hardware products (due to my previous work experience);
  • able to lift heavy items up to 40 pounds in weight;
  • physically very fit;
  • understanding really fast what the client is searching for;

General Hardware Salesperson, Mark's Hardware Store, Greenville, Texas, 20xx-20zz

Duties and responsibilities:

  • greeted the clients and found out what is it that they are searching for;
  • opened and closed the cash register;
  • counted the money and the items on shelves in order to observe any missing items;
  • separated various payment methods and deposited the money according to the store's policies, at the end of the shift ;
  • offered information and advice to the clients, while trying to help them choose the right products for their needs or projects ;
  • answered questions about the products available, their price and uses ;
  • made sure the stock is always complete ;

High School diploma, Green High, Greeville, Texas, 20XX-20XX ;
Certified Mechanic, Mechanic School, Texas, 20zz
- on the job training, Mark's Hardware Store ;


They will be made available upon request.

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