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General Merchandise Sales Representative Resume

The general merchandise store is in fact a type of a general store, or corner shop, usually found in the United Stated, Canada or Australia, in the rural areas. The goods that are being sold are of general use, which includes foods and non food products, such as small home appliances. In a way they can be compared to a big supermarket concerning the range of merchandise sold, Wall-mart type, but the size (or surface) of the shop is way smaller. Given the size of the store itself, the person working there will not precisely be a sales representative, but a sales person. The title can be understood as "sales representative" because in the rural areas where it can be found, there will be people coming and buying from a large surrounding area.


For this position, someone must submit a resume that highlights one's selling abilities. If you do not know how to write your resume in a way that appeals to the potential employer, in this article you will find a sample resume that will give you an idea. Notice that the resume starts with presenting the personal details of the candidate, then proceeds to a very clear and simple stated objective. Then various details about the candidate's work experience, skills and education are given, but not precisely in this order. It is up to you to arrange these sections the way you consider them appropriate. You can also add any other details (achievements or awards received) that you consider relevant towards getting the position.

Sample General Merchandise Sales Representative Resume

Contact data

Name: Gary Harris
Address: Coconut Street, Saint John, Alabama
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: 555 0900 234
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


I want to get an interview for a general merchandise sales representative in your store.


  • strong and fit person, able to lift and carry heavy packages;
  • very good at relating to people;
  • detail oriented;
  • knowledge of working with a cash register, computer and other tools of the store;
  • can work in long shifts;

General Store Sales Assistant,
The General Store company,
Saint John, Alabama, 20xx-20zz

Duties and responsibilities:

  • greeting the clients;
  • making sure that there is enough merchandise to be sold for the next two or three days;
  • ordering new stock when needed;
  • processing the sales by cashing in the payment, counting the change, pacing the goods;
  • registering all the sold products in the cash register and in other registries;
  • carrying the merchandise to the shelves and arranging them;
  • night-shift duties;
  • registering any complaints and requests and trying to find solutions for;
  • depositing the money at the end of the shift, following the store's regulations;

High School Diploma, any high school, Saint John, Alabama, 20XX-20XX

* training done on the job, at The General Store company


They are available upon request.

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