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Industrial Machinery Sales Representative Resume

Working in industrial sales can be a very challenging and demanding experience. The occupation involves promoting and selling industrial products as well as offering technical and implementation support to customers. A good Industrial Machinery Sales Representative should have extensive technical knowledge and competencies, successful selling abilities and techniques, excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills.


Job requirements such as educational background, experience and qualifications might vary depending on the type and complexity of the products sales representatives are required to sell. Therefore, when preparing a resume for a position as an Industrial Machinery Sales Representative it is important to highlight these aspects because you never know how much importance the employers will give them. Also, it is indicated to write your professional objective at the beginning of the resume, stating exactly what you want to do and what skills and competencies recommend you for the position. The job also involves a lot of traveling, therefore it is compulsory to posses a driver's license.

Sample Industrial Machinery Sales Representative Resume

Contact information

Name: John Blade
Address: Hardwood Street, Miami
Birth date: 01.02.1977
Marital Status: Single
Children: No
Driver's License: B category, 2000


From my point of view, an Industrial Machinery Sales Representative is in charge of selling industrial machinery to different locations and providing technical support to clients.


I am looking for a position as an Industrial Machinery Sales Representative where I can use my sales experience and negotiation skills in order to meet the company's sales targets and contribute to its growth and development.


Self motivated, responsible and experienced Industrial Machinery Sales Representative, with excellent communication skills and familiar with industrial machinery, I am eager to be a part of your sales team.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Organized individual;
  • Strong negotiation skills;
  • Technical skills;
  • Able to provide technical support;
  • Computer proficiency;
  • Self confidence and self motivated;
  • Customer oriented and problem solver;
  • Attentive to details;
  • Able to work under pressure.
Work experience

Industrial Machinery Sales Representative,
Panasonic Industrial, 2004-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Promoting and selling industrial machinery;
  • Implementing the company's sales plan;
  • Developing new sales techniques;
  • Meeting the company's sales goals and objectives;
  • Traveling to customer locations;
  • Providing technical support to customers;
  • Providing negotiation follow up;
  • Answering to customers questions and concerns;
  • Solving complaints;
  • Writing sales reports;
  • Handling and updating customer data bases.
Industrial Machinery Sales Representative,
The Industrial Company, TIC, 1999-2003

Duties and responsibilities

  • Sold industrial equipment;
  • Handled financial transactions;
  • Traveled to designated locations;
  • Demonstrated how the product functions;
  • Provided technical support;
  • Identified new business opportunities;
  • Analyzed and interpret market trends and competitor products.
Education and training
  • Master's Degree in Engineering, University of Miami
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics, University of Miami
  • Marketing Internship
Achievements and affiliations
  • Increasing the company sales with 15%
  • Implementing new, successful selling techniques
  • Member of the Industrial Sales Association
Areas of interest
  • Sales Techniques
  • Advertising

References available upon request

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