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Integrated Marketing Associate Resume

This article can be considered a guide designated for those who are applying for a position as an Integrated Marketing Associate but don't know exactly what it means or how to build a resume. The article begins with a brief presentation of the job and also provides several tips on how to make your resume more attractive. The second part of the article is a sample resume for the actual job.


Integrated Marketing, also known as integrated marketing communications (IMC) or cross-channel marketing represents a type of practice that allows specialists to use various advertising channels in order to transmit the same single message about a product or service. The main purpose of this practice is to get to the target audience faster and more effectively. Integrated Marketing Associates are responsible for ensuring the compliance between marketing campaigns or promotional activities and the company's strategies and goals. A good Integrated Marketing Associate should have highly developed communication skills, creativity, attention for details and should be able to adapt easily to continuous changes.

Those who want to work as Integrated Marketing Associates must create a successful resume that will catch the eye of recruiters. In order for that to happen, the resumes must highlight their individual skills, achievements and qualifications as well as previous working experiences and responsibilities. Mention all former responsibilities and professional competencies you've developed over the time.

Integrated Marketing Associate Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Janine Murdock
Address: Woodbury Street, New York


I am looking for a position as an Integrated Marketing Associate where I can use my experience in advertising and my leadership skills in order to fulfill the company's needs and contribute to its growth and success.


Creative, open minded and experienced Integrated Marketing Associate, with excellent communication skills, project management competencies and a positive attitude, I am looking for a team oriented atmosphere and a professional environment to perform and fulfill my duties.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Interpersonal and intercultural competences;
  • Professional appearance and presentation skills;
  • Able to speak in public;
  • Computer literate: Microsoft Office, Power Point, Photoshop and Outlook;
  • Excellent team working skills;
  • Leader competencies;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Creative and innovative;
Work experience

Integrated Marketing Associate,
Lifestyle Communication Business Inc., 2003-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Using traditional and new media advertisement to design and implement marketing campaigns;
  • Creating, developing and implementing marketing strategies and policies;
  • Designing and achieving the company's marketing objectives and goals;
  • Establishing and handling marketing budgets;
  • Designing promotional activities within the budgets;
  • Performing and coordinating investment analysis;
  • Implementing marketing programs in order to increase the company's notoriety.
Integrated Marketing Associate,
Lifestyle Communication Business Inc., 1998-2003

Duties and responsibilities

  • Developing and executing new communication ideas, proposals and strategies;
  • Formulating and implementing the marketing policies and objectives within the company;
  • Designing and develop strategies for promoting and selling products or services;
  • Overseeing marketing communication including branding, public relations, advertising and other marketing materials;
  • Traveling periodically.
Education and training
  • Master's Degree in Journalism, University of New York
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, University of New York
Achievements and affiliations

Areas of interest

  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • English Literature

References are available upon request

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