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Jewelry Sales Representative Resume

If you are thinking of working in retail, you have many options. One of the best option is to work in a jewelry shop. As a sales representative in a jewelry shop, you will show and sell necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry to the customers of the shop. The job of a jewelry sales representative is especially good for someone who has excellent people's skills. You will be able to utilize your natural traits to its maximum potential.


However, the job of a jewelry sales representative does have its own demands. For this, you need to have some knowledge of gem stones and of how the jewelry pieces are made. Maybe you will be working with the designers and help with the creation of the jewelry, if it is a small boutique. A person working in a jewelry boutique has to bring new clients to the shop and keep the already-existing ones by offering various promotions and special offers. Many times, the jewelry sales representative works with very expensive pieces, so some rules need to be established for security reasons and followed in the shop. Experience is not required but of course, it is beneficial for the candidate. When you want to work in a jewelry shop, do not forget that employers usually look for people that are able to learn fast about the industry. Probably some training will be available on the job, especially if you do not have previous work experience.

When you write your jewelry sales representative resume, don't forget to put in your contact data – without it, no matter how good your resume seems to the employers, you will not be contacted.

This is how a resume for a jewelry sales representative should look like:

Sample Jewelry Sales Representative Resume

Personal details

Name: Mary Marks
Nationality: American
Address: Highway Drive no 18, Kansas
Email address:
Birth date: 14/04/1982M
Marital Status: SingleM
Driver's License: Yes


I want to work in a famous jewelry shop, where I can have the chance to professionally develop my skills within the company and to become a part of the management after some time.


  • Good communication skills
  • Works well in a team and alone
  • Can work long hours if needed, available to work in shifts
  • Very good with customers
  • Customer and personal service skills
  • Organized, professional, courteous, energetic and analytical
  • Knowledge of how to convince customers easily to buy from our shop
  • Have good management skills
  • Knowledge of the retail business
  • Energetic, friendly and enthusiastic
  • Honest and reliable
  • Always pay attention to details and to everything that is happening around me while at work
  • Can work well with the computers
  • Experience with the cash registry
  • Can work well and efficient with cash
  • Can calculate well, good in mathematics
Work Experience

Sales assistant for Zehave Jewels, LA, California, 2005–2010

  • Helped customers choose the pieces they were interested in
  • Gave explanations and information on each jewelry piece
  • Kept the shop clean and organized
  • Cashed in the money, and calculated the daily and weekly shop profits
  • Brought new clients to the shop by organizing various events
  • Developed new promotional schemes to increase sales
  • Coordinated with banks to provide loans on jewelry
  • Providing information about replacement policies and guidelines
  • Attending trade shows for brand promotion
  • Providing product samples to the customer
  • Making sales contract
  • Bachelor's degree in Sales, California University, California, 2002–2006
  • High school diploma in sales, California high school
Area of interest
  • Jewelry Designing
  • Communicating with mass public
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Swimming
  • Organizing promotional events
  • Reading
  • Diamonds


To be available upon request.

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