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Leather Goods Sales Representative Resume

Leather goods represent all the objects made of leather. These include leather purses, bags, shoes, belts and wallets to name a few. However, because of the size of some of the items, such as leather couches, most shops focus on selling one type or a few types of such goods. For instance, a shop selling shoes might also sell wallets, belts and purses or bags, but they might not sell leather furniture. On the other hand, a shop dealing with leather bags and luggage will most likely not have shoes to offer. To become a leather goods sales representative you need to possess a deep knowledge of the different types of leather and the methods of its creation.

One should also be aware of the various companies who produce leather and the good brands available in the market. The knowledge of the above comes very handy when talking to customers and selling the products. Customers also get an assurance that they are buying quality products based on the knowledge you possess. A leather goods sales representative resume should be drafted keeping the above factors in mind.


When writing a resume for this position it is very important to state your career goal in a clear fashion, just like in the example below. You can use the whole resume example here in order to write yours, but make sure that the experience and any other detail you choose, fits you and your personality, and that is true. While previous experience in this field might not be required, the employer will seek for somebody who is willing to learn and improve himself or herself, so make sure to mention this in the resume. It is a good idea to mention these in the skills section.

Leather Goods Sales Representative Sample Resume

Contact data
Name: Mike Darwin
Home address: 5th Revenue Boulevard, New York, USA
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: 555 0050 235
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


I am seeking a position of a Leather Goods Sales Representative in a reputed firm and I wish to use my excellent customer skills to increase the sales of the store.


I am a hard working person with a passion for leather goods and its appeal. I have an eye for fashion and keep myself updated with the current trends. I believe my skills and my passion for fashion will be beneficial for your company.

Skills, Qualities and Hobbies

  • Possess a good taste and high passion for fashion
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to start work as soon as possible
  • Very good team player
  • Learn and adapt fast to new environments
  • Good knowledge of various leather denominations


Sales Assistant, The Leather Luggage Company, New York, USA, 2008 – Present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Welcoming the customers
  • Presenting the products, after realizing what they have come
  • Completing the sales process by cashing in the money, registering the products in the cash register along with the amount paid, returning the change (if any) and packing the goods
  • Checking if the goods are maintained on a regular basis
  • Writing reports of the daily activity
  • Depositing funds in banks according to the instructions received
  • Dealing with client’s complaints ant trying to find appropriate solutions for them


Increased the sales by 38% in five months
Trained new joiners and guiding the cleaners with the appropriate methods of cleaning the inventories


High school Diploma, Junior High, New York, USA, 2005
Bachelor's degree in Sales and Marketing Management, University of New York, 2006-2008

They are available upon request.

A leather goods sales representative resume should be drafted laying emphasis on your skills and qualifications. One should enjoy doing this job, after all; it is all about having a liking for this profile. One can also emphasize their passion for leather goods if that is the case.

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