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Musical Instrument Salesperson Resume

If you are an ardent admirer of music and just cannot stay away, can play an instrument or two, then make sure to try this job, it might even turn into a career. You will work in a music store or in a music instruments showroom and would sell various instruments meant for more music styles, or for a specific style. You can use the resume below to write and draft one of your own, but you have to provide the information that applies to you and that matches the job description mentioned in the advertisement. Make sure to include a section of hobbies where you mention the style of music you prefer and for how long you have been passionate about musical instruments. The instruments you can play can be mentioned in the skills section of the resume. Also, just look at the "objective" provided here and try to write a similar one, so that the employer will know what you hope to achieve by sending in the resume.


Many companies are using the resume as a means to separate potential candidates from others. Preparing an apt resume is the best way to start your job search, which can be done by following these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure you stick to a professional and formal outlook when you are drafting your resume
  • You should sound neither be over-confident while describing your achievements nor be too modest
  • Always remember to be courteous and have prior knowledge of the company to which you are applying
  • Never provide irrelevant details and stick to the information pertinent towards the job you are applying
  • Be aware of the company policies, rules, and regulations and mention them appropriately wherever possible
  • Mention your contact details in the conclusion and never give unprofessional email addresses as it creates a very negative impression
  • Make sure that there are no discrepancies between the data being written in the resume and the data attached with it
  • Always mention the exact name of the company, address, date, job post, and accolades achieved in your stint, if you were employed previously

There is no strict rule or pattern as to how a resume should be written. It is an advertisement of a candidate where they can be a little creative when drafting their profile Here is a list of duties and responsibilities that you are expected to follow if you are selected for the post of a musical instrument salesperson:

  • Interact with clients in order to find out what they are searching
  • Rent out musical instruments to orchestras or to music teachers
  • Prepare the lending contracts and the sales contracts
  • Process the sales by cashing in the money, carefully pack the instruments
  • Explain the functions, mechanisms, care methods to the clients
  • Deposit the cash at the end of the shift according to the regulations

Sample Musical Instrument Salesperson Resume

Contact Data

Name: Peter Barlow
Home address: Fourth Grey Street, Tucson, Arizona
Email address:
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: 555 0444 277
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


I want to get a position of a Musical Instrument Salesperson in your company. I want to use my knowledge in the music field and help customers purchase the right musical instrument.


  • Very good communication skills
  • Very good at explaining notions and at showing how things function
  • Very knowledgeable about the way of playing various instruments (flute, guitar, trombone)
  • Ready to take responsibility when needed
  • Reliable person, with a clear criminal record; willing to start working at any time
  • Some knowledge on how to perform small repairs


  • Classical, jazz, folk and rock music styles
  • Playing the flute and the guitar
  • Composing songs (occasionally)
Work Experience

Musical Instruments Sales Assistant, Music Shop, Tucson, Arizona, 20xx–20zz


Bachelor's degree in Music, The University of Arizona, 20XX–20XX


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