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Oil Field Supplies Sales Representative Resume

An oil field supplies sales representative is a person who should be well informed with the details related to the oil industry. Some experience as a sales representative is mandatory for this job. In addition, experience and knowledge of oil field supplies is necessary. You have to know what kind of supplies are needed, what are they used for, which ones require to be replaced and how often and other similar details. The position may require to sell or to rent supplies, machines, and services relevant for the oil industry. Without a doubt, the products that can be used only once will be sold and the ones being able to be used more times will be rented as well as sold.


The resume for this position need not be longer than two pages. It should concentrate on jobs that deal with oil field supplies, selling and eventually with managing teams, actions, or events. Of course, the diploma you possess cannot be a high school one, but a university one, involving studies in engineering, business, marketing, even psychology or public relations. However, the ideal candidates will have a diploma in engineering or chemistry. Here is a sample of an oil field supplies sales representative resume. Refer to it and make appropriate changes to make a draft of your own resume.

Oil Field Supplies Sales Representative Resume Sample

Contact Data

  • Name: Jeremy Dupree
  • Home address: 666 S Main Street, Jonesborough, TN 37666, USA
  • Email address:
  • Driver's license: yes
  • Phone Number: 423-753-7564
  • Citizenship: US Citizen


I am currently seeking to secure the position of Oil Field Supplies Sales Representative in your company where with the use of my knowledge and expertise in the field, I can ensure maximum profitability.


  • Very good knowledge of oil field supplies
  • Very good knowledge of the oil industry
  • Extremely efficient and disciplined towards given tasks
  • Very strong organization skills
  • Very good team member
  • Experienced in working long hours on the job
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong ability to multi task
  • Leadership qualities and experienced in leading a team of people
  • Always aware of company policies, rules, and regulations
  • Fast and effective employee
  • Very aware of the safety measures

Work Experience

Oil Field Supplies Sales Representative
Aramco Ltd
Dallas, Texas, 20xx &ndash 20xx

Duties and responsibilities

  • Sold oil field supplies, machinery, equipment and services
  • Rented machinery and equipment which were to be used in the oil fields
  • Offered oil well services, such as: drilling, logging, fishing for lost equipment, perforating and so on
  • Interpreted graphics and survey data to clients, with promotional purposes

Team manager
Galleria Marketing
Galleria, TX, 20xx&ndash20xx

Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervised a team of 20 people
  • Made sure all the tasks were being completed on time
  • Reviewed the individual or collective projects, and approved them for presentation
  • Wrote reports about the team's activity
  • Selected, interviewed and hired new personnel according to the team's and the company's needs
  • Recommended people for other opened positions, according to their performances
  • Kept a regular check on the quality of work of the employees by taking feedback from the customers
  • Made sure that the team members are aware of any new policies that the company has implemented and kept a check if they are abiding by it
  • Strived to keep the team members inspired and motivated all the time so that they can achieve their optimum potential
  • Solved grievances of the customers and the employees working in the team
  • Made sure that the team always achieves the targets given by the company
  • Made sure that the employees are not stressed out by encouraging them to take breaks and having interactive sessions for their refreshment


Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing
University of Florida, Miami, FL, 20XX–20XX

On field training, Aramco Ltd., Dallas, Texas, USA


Raymond S. Brown
Aramco Ltd., Dallas, Texas, USA

Other references are available upon request

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