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Pet Products Salesperson Resume

A pet and pet supplies salesperson is a sales professional specialized in delivering pets and pet related products to customers. They promote the products of an employer company and take care of the petting needs of existing clients, while trying to attract new clients and establishing new commercial relations. Pet and pet products salesman sell animals for domestic care and accessories such as food supplies, cages, cage equipment, pet toys, supplements, remedies and so on.


In order to be successful in the field, they have to be really versatile in the domain of pet care. When buying pets and pet supplies, clients need information about different products´┐Ż properties and features, about the best options in approaching different pet aspects and about how to handle different pet problems. Pet and pet supplies salesperson need to know all these information, and this is why animal lovers make more successful workers in this field.

Giving advice about the care, living habits, feeding and characteristics of dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, birds and so on are their primary responsibilities. Recommending veterinary services and resolving minor health issues may be amongst their daily tasks. They also have to take care of pets put out for sale, assure food and bedding, clean cages and tanks and create a calm, peaceful and joyful environment. The resume of a pet and pet products salesperson should include the ability to perform all these tasks and emphasize a positive attitude towards animals.

Pet Products Salesperson Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Tina Thorne
Birth date: 09.09.1976
Address: 456 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 45782
Contact Details: (201) 555 2938
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: No


I am an animal lover with a desire to work in a pet shop as a pet and pet supplies salesperson. I enjoy being around animals and taking care of them, ensuring the best conditions for their daily life and making sure that pet owners also take good care of them. I wish to use my knowledge in the general care of pets and sell proficient pet products to customers, and advice them about problems that they may have with their pets.


I wish to be a part of a pet shop collective and offer my knowledge and services to pet loving customers, showing them how to take care of their animals and providing the best products for their needs.


Pet lover with knowledge in the feeding, bedding and caring of animals, looking for a position as a pet and pet products salesperson.


  • Animal lover,
  • Sociable,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Negotiation skills,
  • Administrative abilities,
  • Communicational skills

Computer knowledge:
basic computer knowledge

Work Experience:

Pet and pet supplies salesperson, 2006-2011
Zoomania Company, New Jersey


  • Selling cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, birds and products designed for the care of each of them to interested customers,
  • Taking care of pets in the shop, feeding and changing their bedding, cleaning cages and tanks,
  • In charge of displaying the merchandise on shelves in an attractive manner
  • Advising clients in the purchase of different products.

Education and Training:
Bachelor's Degree in Literature, North Jersey University


As a pet shop salesperson I have managed to satisfy my clients by offering them the best products in the animal care field and advising them in different problems they encountered.

Areas of interest:
animals, nature, pets, business, administration


Mrs. Martha Spade,
Manager of Zoomania Company,
New Jersey

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