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Real Estate Broker Resume

The following article is going to present the job description of Real Estate Broker and will provide valuable details about this line of work. After reading the job description of a Real Estate Broker, you will find a sample resume for this position, which can inspire you in writing a powerful resume.


If you want to obtain a position as a real estate broker, you should have a strong knowledge about the real estate market. First of all, you should know the locations that fit the best for customers with varying budgets and requirements. A good real estate broker should be familiar with the tax laws and must also act as a mediator between the buyers and the sellers.

Real estate brokers offer their services to a real estate company on a contract basis and in return, they receive a part of the commission earned from the sale of a property. Their main role is to arrange the meetings between the buyers and the sellers when the main transactions are discussed.

The real estate brokers are also in charge of obtaining the listings, which represents the owner's agreements of having their properties up for sale within the company. In this way, they decide a certain market price for the sale of the certain property.

Real Estate Broker Sample Resume

Contact details

Daniel Furman
522 W 38th Street
New York City
10018-1104, United States
(123)-456 7890.


I want to obtain a real estate broker position in a reputed company, which can ensure me a career development in the real estate area. I also want to utilize all the skills obtained during the past years while working in this field in order to contribute to the growth of your company.

Abilities and qualifications:

  • More than six years of experience in this field
  • Responsible and cooperative
  • Excellent communication skills, both in written and oral
  • Excellent knowledge of the legislation and of the legal codes concerning the real estate domain
Professional Experience:

Tom Capital Venture Inc., Tarrytown, NY

Real estate broker

  • Selling properties owned by others
  • Obtaining real estate listings from customers
  • Arranging open house events in order to present the property to possible buyers
  • Evaluating the value of the property and assessing potential fees
  • Negotiating with customers on the price of the real estate
Live Nations Corp., Tarrytown, NY

Real estate broker

  • Supervising all the aspects of the real estate transactions
  • Communicating with the customers and making appointments for certain meetings
  • Showing the properties to the customers
  • Organizing the staging of properties starting with the procurement of the furniture and ending with storage after the sale
  • Creating and printing the marketing materials

State of New York Licensed Real Estate Broker, 2001

New York University, NY
Bachelor's Degree in Finance, 1999

Computer skills:

Microsoft Office
Windows, Linux, Macintosh

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