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Retail Salesperson Resume

Working in sales can be both fun and rewarding. If you are a person who enjoys working with people, and giving them advice regarding fashion or beauty, this is the right place for you. A retail salesperson assists the clients when they are making their purchases and ensures the good running of the store. They also check in the cash from the transactions.

A salesperson should be polite and friendly towards the customers, and be able to work long hour shifts. In a mall for example, the schedule is extremely exhausting, and the sales attendants need to stand on their feet all day.

I will now show you an example of how a retail salesperson resume should be written. If you want to get a job interview, you need to have a professionally written resume that includes and highlights your best points and strengths.


Do not limit yourself; write down all the previous experience you have as a sales attendant and your skills as well. The employer will want to see that you are motivated and driven to do this job. When you write a professional resume, you need to provide all of your contact information. This way you know for sure, there is a way the employer can contact you further. Try to personalize your resume as much as you can; this way it will stand out in a crowd of resumes. Lately, employers are searching for new, fresh ideas, so avoid using cliched phrases and words. Make sure your resume is not monotonous and never repeat the same details repeatedly.

Here is a list of jobs and duties that the retail salesperson is expected to practice:

  • Greet customers and ascertain their wants and needs
  • Maintain a log of sales and promotions, policies related to payment and exchanges, and security practices
  • Maintain records and logs pertaining to sales
  • Recognize security risks and thefts, and take steps to prevent these situations
  • Help locate or obtain goods based on customer requirements
  • Answer any queries regarding the store and its merchandise to the customer
  • Give a detailed description of the merchandise and explain its use, operation, and care to customers
  • Arrange and display merchandise for promotional purposes
  • Manage and edit sales slips or contracts
  • Place special orders or enquire other stores to find desired merchandise
  • Help maintain and clean the shop
  • Be courteous to the clients and always greet them with a smile
  • Be aware of the company policies in detail
  • Manage goods for purchase or rental

Sample Retail Salesperson Resume

Name: Anna Hayes
Birth date: 4/ 7/1985
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: 555-2544-78999
Address: Apple Lane 581, Boston, MA 78900-8990


My goal is to develop my strengths in the beauty field, and to help customers in any way possible with my services. I want to work in a shop where I can grown with the store.


  • Very strong communication abilities, both verbal and written
  • Good management skills
  • Works well individually, as well as a part of a team
  • Self confident and assertive
  • Knows how to use the cash registry
  • Good sales knowledge and convincing skills
  • Abilities of working fast and under pressure
  • Good eye for details
  • Good multitasking skills
  • Good at working with computer programs (the Office pack, and Adobe)
  • Strong math knowledge
  • Available for working in shifts and long hours, if required

Work Experience

Sales Attendant, Noir Shop, Seattle

  • Assisted the clients in buying their products
  • Gave detailed information on each products to people that were interested
  • Attracted new customers and increased the shop's profits
  • Successfully calculated the shop's weekly and monthly transactions and profits
  • Showed the customers where the fitting rooms were and assisted them


High school diploma, Graduate High, 20xx–20xx
Bachelor's degree in French, Columbia University, 20xx–2xx


Carla Smith
General Manager
Bernard's Department Store, Big City, USA

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