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Sales Attendant Resume

A sales attendant employee is in charge of customer-related duties. The sales attendants work in a a retail shop, and the industry may vary, as there are many types of shops. It can be a beauty shop that sells cosmetics, an apparel shop, or a home design shop. There are some basic traits every sales attendant must have in order to get and keep their job. The sales attendant must be customer friendly, they have to show the shop to the clients and to help them with any questions they have. The sales attendant must be able to explain the history of an object, and all the details of that object. In case of clothes, they must know what would fit a person, what color and size.


As a sales attendant, you also have to cash in the money after transactions, and to work with the cash register. In most shops, computers are also used, therefore computer knowledge is required. Before applying for a position as sales attendant, gather all the information you can about the shop. Make sure that while making a sales attendant resume, you mention things like positive attitude, never-say-never attitude, helpful, customer friendly and nice. Write in all of your previous experience with working in sales and with clients. Don't forget to replace the fictitious data in the resume template of your own.

Sample Sales Attendant Resume

Name: David N. Barrett
Address: 2967 Godfrey Street
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: (503)614 8552
Email address:


I am looking to work in a retail shop, where I can put at good use my previous experience and sales skills, and where I can grow to be a shop manager in the years to come. I am searching for a place where I can start a career in retail sales.


  • Very good communication skills
  • Persuasive skills
  • Ability to keep the shop clean and organized
  • Ability to work with the cash registry and make calculations
  • Good knowledge of retail marketing
  • Good eye for the details
  • Always keep a positive attitude
  • Good ability to work with a team
  • Good computer and mathematics skills

Work Experience

Sales attendant, Wall mart, Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted clients in making their purchases
  • Organized various promotions
  • Attracted new clients into the shop, and kept a good relationship with the already existing ones
  • Kept the shop clean and organized
  • Cashed in the profits
  • Helped the other sales attendants with their own tasks when my duties were over
  • Informed the clients of new products that arrived and sales, by email and phone texting
  • Making reports and providing them to the sales manager
  • Stocking shelves or racks in the sales area
  • Providing information to the customers about products
  • Marking or ticketing items when there is a change in price
  • Keeping merchandise in order

Work Experience

Sales Attendant, Apple Retail Store
Plano Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping customers in making their purchase
  • Informing customers about the technical aspects of the products
  • Assisting customers in the usage of the product
  • Organizing shop shelves with new products
  • Ticketing and pricing of the products
  • Organizing various promotional activities to increase sales
  • Maintenance of the shop
  • Maintaining cash register
  • Retaining old customers and making new clients
  • Keeping the store in sync with the latest products
  • Keeping store ready for inspection
  • Making reports of all the sales and maintenance work
  • Designing and setting up advertising signs on shelves, counter and table to increase sales
  • Packaging of the customer's purchase in bags or cartons


  • Shop's profit increased by 40%
  • Member of National Association of Sales Professionals


  • High school diploma, Green field high School
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, sales and marketing
  • Course in retail sales and marketing

Ms. Mary Joe,
Manager Wall Mart

Mr. John Smith
Apple Retail Store
Plano Texas

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