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Sewing Machines Salesperson Resume

A sewing machine salesperson job is best performed in a showroom or at the location of the client's business. There are various sewing machines for industrial (professional) use or for home (professional or not) use. The sales person will have to know what kind of sewing machines he or she is dealing with, how they function, their attributes and eventually be able to demonstrate it to the clients. Extra knowledge of other sewing machines and the latest trends is an added advantage for the salesperson to help customers explain the advantages of their products over the others. Sewing machine salesperson resume should be drafted keeping their duties and responsibilities in mind.


Your resume needs to be professionally drafted. It should reflect your experiences, qualifications and skills specific to the job you are applying for. Achievements, awards or recognitions hold a special position in your resume. These need to be highlighted; no matter the profile you are applying for. The below mentioned sample of a sewing machine salesperson resume contains vital information about the candidate, their future goals, skills and qualifications and any other information that could help the employer know that the candidate is the right person for the job. It is the duty of the candidate to impress the employer using statements that could highlight the candidate's potential and attitude towards work. If your resume is not impressive it might not lead the candidate to the next level, which is an interview. The job of a sewing machine salesperson does not require more qualification provided the candidate possess good communication and convincing power. The job thus has a lot of completion and therefore your resume should speak volumes before you personally do the talking.

Sample Sewing Machines Salesperson Resume

Contact Details:

Name Tina Angels
Address: Second Street, LA
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: 333 567 0300
Citizenship here (or any mention on the work permit): American


I am looking to expand my horizons in the field of marketing and sales. With good communication and convincing skills I assure you that I could prove to be a good salesperson. With a proven track record in this profile I could sell any product to the buyer having had a detailed knowledge of the product.

Skills and Attributes:

  • Proven selling skills
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Knowledge of various sewing techniques
  • Knowledge of various sewing machines for personal (home use) function
  • A quick learner
  • Can work individually
  • Can adapt to the changing situation as per the requirement
  • Good knowledge of working with a computer and various programs (databases, Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet, Email AND so on)
Work Experience:

Retail Sales Worker, Some company, New York, NY, 2006-2008

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Presented products to the clients
  • Demonstrated it use and other attributes and features
  • Presented the differences between the various items in the same range of products to clients
  • Process receipts, packaging and delivery in the event of sale
  • Made sure that the sold products are being delivered to the address given by the client in a timely fashion
  • Coordinated with wholesalers to check the stock and its availability
  • Assisted accountants with cash and bank related issues
  • Informed about the latest offers or any promotions happening at the moment to clients; also keeping updated with the latest offers and its validity to avoid any further confusion
  • Offered information on the prices, products in stock, methods of paying, delivery and so on


Masters Degree in Marketing, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 2002-2004
Technical Engineer Diploma, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 2000-2002


They are available upon request.
The above sewing machine salesperson resume can be used as a sample for candidates who wish to apply for this job or any other sales job. It is essential that the candidate draft a resume with reference to their qualifications, skills and the job requirements.

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