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Special Agent Resume

In the USA, special agents work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their job is to investigate any violation of the U.S. laws and report their findings to the attorney general. These agents investigate crimes such as extortion, kidnapping, bank robbery, espionage, fraud and sabotage. Their duties include observing the activities of suspects, talking to witnesses, interrogating the suspects, establishing facts, analyzing the records, doing research and participating in raids, to name a few. Special agents need to be mentally alert all the time and physically fit as most of their work revolve around crime scenes. A special agent resume should be designed in an impressive manner to get shortlisted without much efforts.


Special agents don't express their opinion about the innocence or guilt of a suspect, because their work is strictly restricted to investigation. The decisions related to the innocence or guilt are left to lawyers working for the federal government. These professionals can testify in court on the basis of the information gathered during the investigation. They are not allowed to discuss about the investigations with their family, friends or any other outsider, because most of their work is confidential.

The headquarters of the FBI is in Washington, where special agents use the crime detection laboratory to uncover facts. These specialists also analyze paint, fragments and blood found at the crime scenes and make use of the fingerprint database. Although counterfeiting and tax evasion are usually investigated by other federal agencies, FBI agents might be called in to assist. Another duty of a special agents is to run security and character checks on selected employees of the government.

Becoming a special agent is not the easiest thing to do. First of all, those interested are required to graduate from a college with a major in accounting or from a law school accredited by the state. A bachelor's degree in other disciplines is also accepted, but fluency in at least one foreign language is a requirement. Besides a bachelor's degree, three years of work experience is mandatory. In case of an advanced degree, only two years of experience is required.

Here is a sample special agent resume that can be used by candidates as a reference before drafting a resume in this category.

Special Agent Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Susan Steinberg
Birth Date: 15 April 1976
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of a FBI special agent and utilize my education, skills and experience in this field to the optimum.

Education and Professional Training

Trained at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA in 2000
Associate degree in accounting from the Columbia University, New York in 1998


  • Excellent communication and detective skills
  • Expert in management, planning and execution of highly sensitive international and domestic security operations, special operations, case assignments and service operatives
  • Remarkable ability to manage complex terrorist missions, criminal investigations and intelligence programs
  • Conversant in German and Spanish

Professional Experience

Special agent for the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2000endash;Present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Apprehending individuals who violated laws and arrested them by warrant
  • Assisting State Attorneys in preparing evidence and gathering information for trials
  • Serving subpoenas by the Grand Jury when directed by the courts
  • Providing evidence as a government witness in criminal cases before Grand Juries and at administrative hearings
  • Serving as a liaison between law enforcement agencies in Canada and the USA
  • Conducting counter-terrorism meetings with the State Police
  • Conducting interviews and analyzing any information gathered


I played an essential role in numerous convictions and arrests based on effective investigations.

Areas of interest



Available upon request

While drafting a special agent resume one should note that you do not stuff unwanted information. Your resume should be precise and to the point. One should also note that your resume should be professional and should reflect your persona. It should be impressive and effectively drafted.

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