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Store Demonstrator Resume

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A store demonstrator is a person who displays a broad variety of products from drinks and food to household appliances, pet products, cleaning equipment and digital gadgets. A store demonstrator that is hired full-time normally works somewhere between 37 and 40 hours a week. This can include weekends and evening work. Many store demonstrators engage in this profession part time. Work settings include supermarkets, shops, exhibition centers, shopping centers, and conference centers. Demonstrators spend a lot of their day standing and may have to carry or lift boxes. A driving license can be quite appreciated and useful.

The annual earnings for these professionals can vary from 10,000 to 20,000. Several store demonstrators also receive productivity bonuses and commission. The main employers are independent department stores, supermarkets, the distributors, and the manufacturers of products that are to be sold. The best part of opportunities, nonetheless, is with focused field marketing suppliers and agencies.

It is probable to turn into a store demonstrator without the need of formal education, but employers seek evidence of numeracy, literacy, and first-rate communication abilities. A sociable personality and a pleasant attitude are a benefit. Previous background in working in customer service, retail and talking to client groups may be required. Let me show you a sample resume so that you can use it as a guide to draft your own store demonstrator resume. Make sure you utilize it aptly and replace the fictional information provided with your personal details.

Store Demonstrator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Mady T. Johnson
Address: 11, Red Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA 976789
Home: 434 333 8687
Mobile: 222 123 8762


I am a very dedicated and hardworking individual seeking the position of a Store Demonstrator in your company. Kindly oblige me by having a look at my resume and giving me the opportunity to work for you and provide my expertise and services.

List of Abilities

  • Exceptional communication abilities
  • Trained and knowledgeable at passing out coupons and samples from food items to household appliances
  • An outgoing and confident personality
  • Sound customer service capabilities
  • Capable of talking to people of all backgrounds and ages
  • Passionate about sales and retail
  • Take pleasure in talking to and meeting customers

Working History

Store Demonstrator, 2008 &ndash present
Sunny Peaks Mega Store, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Duties and Responsibilities fulfilled on the job

  • Arranging a display spot where demonstrations come to pass
  • Putting in order posters, stock and additional publicity goods to attract clients
  • Encouraging clients passing by to stop and see the display
  • Showing off a product and demonstrating how simple it is to utilize, for instance by chopping fruits or sanitizing a surface
  • Giving details about the benefits of a product and respond to questions regarding it
  • Giving brochures, leaflets, coupons, and gifts to prospective clients

Store Demonstrator, 2006 &ndash 2008
Always On Sale Big City Store, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Duties and Responsibilities fulfilled on the job

  • In charge of passing out and creating cold and hot food samples
  • Distributing coupons to be a focus for in-store clients to purchase goods immediately
  • Specialized in greeting customers and solving their queries
  • Displayed products with their specific information to the customers to satisfy their needs
  • Made the customers aware of ongoing offers and discounts related to specific goods and products
  • Provided customers with the location of products required by them
  • Held interactive sessions with the customers to attract them towards a product


Associate's Degree in Business, Big City Community College, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2004

Involvements and Accolades

Awarded with the Sunny Peaks Mega Store ''Demonstrator of the Year'', 2009
Awarded the "Most Dedicated Employee" award by Always On Sale Big City Store, 2007


Kirk L. Westbrooks
Sunny Peaks Mega Store
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kelly W. Hester
Directing Manager
Always On Sale Big City Store
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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