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Telemarketer Resume

Telemarketers present products and prices, answer questions from customers, and they also obtain information like name, address, and payment in order to introduce them into computers. They record addresses, names, purchases and reactions of all those contacted and try to adjust sales scripts in order to meet the needs and requirements of specific buyers. Telemarketers answer phone calls from customers who have been redirected from advertisements, and answer to correspondence from customers via mail or telephone. They also plan appointments for sales representative with potential customers and conduct market surveys in order to obtain information of customers needs or potential customers.


Before writing a resume for the position of a telemarketer, you should know all the requirements in order to complete a winning resume for the job you want. Telemarketers must have knowledge in sales and marketing, English Language and customer and personal services. The skill requirements for the job include speaking and active listening, reading comprehension, persuasion, time management, monitoring, negotiating, social perceptiveness, learning strategies and critical thinking. As for the abilities that are required for this job, there is oral comprehension and oral expression, speech clarity, and speech recognition. You should add in your resume all the skills and abilities that you possess in order to create a winning resume.

Sample Telemarketer Resume

Personal Details

Name: Gary Griffins
Address: 8th Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 5433


Seeking the position of Telemarketer

Summary of Qualifications

  • Remarkably talented Telemarketer
  • More than seven years of experience in the domain
  • Knowledge in sales and marketing
  • Knowledge in customer and personal services
  • Great positive thinker
  • Excellent communicator
  • Solid knowledge of the English language
  • Self-motivated and eager to succeed
  • Team-player and problem-solving
  • Efficient ability to develop rapport with potential clients
  • Good organizational skills
Professional Experience

Star Dale Industries Inc., New York

Telemarketer, 2003-Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directed qualified sales lead for business
  • Followed marketing campaigns to determine new leads
  • Monitored leads sent to sales representatives
  • Increased attendance at events by sending invitations
  • Reported telemarketing activity
  • Maintained rapports with prospects, gathering information to take part in the sales process
  • Ensured all activities are tracked in the database
  • Initiated campaigns like mailing and events to generate more leads
Star Dale Industries Inc, New York

Telemarketer trainee, 2001-2003

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Modified sales scripts in order to meet the needs and interests of particular customers
  • Answered phone calls from customers who had been redirected from advertisements
  • Contacted private individuals and businesses though telephone to solicit sales
  • Delivered sales talk, reading form scripts in order to convince customers to purchase a service or product
  • Presented products and prices, and answered questions from customers
  • Obtained customer information such as name, address, phone and payment methods in order to process orders
  • Assisted in market and customer surveys in order to gather information about potential customers

High School Diploma, 2000

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