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Trailers and Motor Homes Salesperson Resume

Trailers and Motor Homes Salesperson can also be called Retail Salespersons. They sell merchandise like; motor vehicles, apparels, appliances and furniture to customers. The job of a trailers and motor home salesperson involves, preparing merchandise, demonstration the use of merchandise, exchange merchandise for customers and answer queries and questions of the customers. Apart from this they also have to prepare the sales slips and maintain records. The job is quite demanding as people in this profession should be persuasive, alert, good listening and speaking skills. A trailers and motor home salesperson resume should reflect these skills and it should also be convincing enough to assure the reader of their willingness to accept the challenges lying ahead.


Sample Trailers and Motor Homes Salesperson Resume

Contact Details

Name: Edward Reds
Home address: 110 Lyndon Lane, Louisville, KY 40022
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: (502) 339 – 9410
Citizenship: US Citizen
Marital status: Married.


I wish to secure the position of a trailers and motor homes salesperson in a reputed factory where my knowledge and skills can be utilized to the maximum.


I am an experienced trailers and motor homes salesperson, with very good interpersonal skills, searching for a dynamic work place. I am willing to use my skills for the growth of the company and for my personal development as well.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capable of using the computer for business related tasks
  • Very good negotiator
  • Strong knowledge of trailers and motor homes industry
  • Very good knowledge of the terms used in this field
  • Capable of making the right decisions on my own
  • Very passionate when it comes to vehicles

Work Experience

Organization: The Multi Vehicle Factory Company, Louisville, KY.
Designation: Trailers and Motor Homes Salesperson,
Tenure: 2007 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Describe the merchandise to customers and also explain its use
  • Provided information on prices and methods of payment
  • Kept records of the sold vehicles, as well as of the payment due date
  • Informed the clients on any feature that can be changed, removed or added, in order for them to be satisfied with the product
  • Calculated the final price, after the client decided the features for the trailer or motor home to be purchased
  • Informed the clients on the various promotions or offers available at the time of their visit
  • Contacted possible clients, after deciding the general features of the ideal client
  • Obtained approvals for test- drives when needed

Associates degree in Marketing, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 20XX – 20XX


  • Increased the number of the clients by 38% in only six months and surpassed the sales targets by 23% during 14 consecutive months
  • Chosen salesperson of the year, for the year 2010

References would be available upon request.

The above trailers and motor homes salesperson resume can be used as a reference before drafting a resume. Candidates applying for any jobs or before taking up any career for that matter should have a love for the job they are doing. If applicants are comfortable doing a particular job only then they can grow in the field and reap rich benefits in the future. The important aspects of any resume are the skills and previous job experiences. This is directly related to the candidates comfort in doing the job. If the right skills required for the job are in place it would be followed by rewards and recognition that forms another important aspect of any resume.

A trailers and motor homes salesperson resume should be drafted professionally. It should all the said skills required for the job. Having said that it is also very important that all the information listed in the resume is true and to the best of the candidate's knowledge.

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