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Water Softening Equipment Sales Representative Resume

The job of water softening equipment sales representative refers to special tanks and water softening services used by private home owners, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants, laundries and so on. The sales representative has to be able to understand how these products and services work in order to provide the best service to his or her customers. As a sales representative, the majority of the work consists in selling products on a door-to-door basis.


The resume should include the ability to travel easily and social and negotiation skills that can help the sales representative acquire new client accounts. They have to know how to develop promotional strategies and home sale strategies and how to adapt to various needs of existing and potential clients. Closing contracts with clients and collecting payments are other important responsibilities that require a skillful sales person.

Water Softening Equipment Sales Representative Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Tom Manson
Birth date: 01.12.1979
Address and Contact Details: 312 Lane Street, Portland, OR 4324
Phone: 000.000.0000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


Working in the sales and marketing sector of various businesses has been my professional occupation for the last several years. I have developed strong selling skills and abilities to acquire sales leads and convince clients of the benefits that various products can offer them. I have experience in the water softening equipment as well, and I would be a great asset for your agency.


I am very determined in following my career as a sales representative through promoting and providing my clients with high quality products and professional services. I wish to extend my expertise in the water softening equipment and help this industry sector become more profitable.


Sales representative familiar with water softening equipment and selling procedures, looking for a position where I can make the best use of my competencies and qualifications.


  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, very sociable and with a pleasant appearance
  • Professional attitude and education in sales and marketing
  • Ability to travel and develop sales leads and contact existing company clients
  • Pleasant voice
  • Ability to negotiate, convince, perform water tests on site to determine water softening needs
  • Ability to prepare contracts and collect deposits
  • Responsive in client related issues
  • Technical abilities to determine proper location for water softening tanks
Computer knowledge:

Elementary computer literacy

Work Experience:

Water Softening Equipment Sales Representative, 2005-present
Sterling & Cooper Water Equipment Company, Oregon


  • Learning the products' characteristics and benefits and presenting them to existing or potential clients
  • Calling customers from company lists and developing sales leads through home selling
  • Determining water softening needs through tests and convincing clients about the benefits of water softening tanks
  • Examining water pipes and recommending tank location
  • Signing contracts and managing deposit and interest issues
Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Business Administration, North Oregon University
Bachelor's Degree in Sales and Marketing, North Oregon University


As a sales representative I have obtained high sales targets and provided satisfactory services to my customers

Areas of interest:

  • Traveling,
  • Sports,
  • Books

Mrs. Jane Huston,
Manager of Sterling & Cooper Water Equipment Company,

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