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Science Resume

If you are planning to apply for job in the most happening and developing field in present era, you need to have a presentable, effective, remarkable and an impressive resume with you. Resume writing is not rocket science, but it does require some basic skill. Your resumes should be divided into basic sections like contact details, skill sets, educational background, professional experience, areas of interest and references. The recruiter would be interested to know your relevant work experience details. Hence, it is important to mention your professional experience details in reverse order. When you are drafting the science resumes you need to emphasize your professional experience, educational background and skill sets.


Here are some tips on writing good science resumes:

  • Contact details: Write your name in your resume on the top most left corner. You can use bold font or keep the font size of your name larger than rest of the resume. Write your full name with address and contact numbers. Do not forget to mention the zip code.

  • Skill set: Write about your skills and talents in this section. Do not write long sentences and paragraphs praising you. Write in bullet points. If the points are more than 5, try to club the information. You can write about your communication skills, leadership qualities etc.

  • Educational background: Mention the educational background with the name of the school/college/institution, the name of the course, the year of passing and the name of the subjects (specialization). Mention the education background section in reverse chronological order. The latest educational qualification should be mentioned first. For example: ABC University, Post Graduation in Applied Science, Year of passing: 2006, Special subjects studied: Botany.

  • Professional experiences: List the experiences that you have earned, while working in this field. Mention only those job experiences, which are relative to the job you have applied for. Mention the name of the company/organization/ institute, your designation, the duration of work period and job responsibilities. Do not use 'I' when you are listing the job responsibilities. If possible start every point in the list of responsibilities with an action verb like tested, completed, implemented etc.

  • Areas of interest: Mention your hobbies in this section. Do not mention irrelevant interests.

  • References: It is always good to provide references in your resume. Write full name, present employment status, designation and contact details. Provide the names of the people who know you personally. Your recruiter might call them to judge your authenticity.

There are some more points that should be remembered, when you are writing science resumes. These are as follows:

  • Always proof read the resume before finalizing it and sending it to any company
  • Edit your resume appropriately to make it free from unwanted information
  • A two page resume is good enough. Do not make it very long or very short. Provide adequate information in adequate words.
  • Avoid using colors and bold fonts in resume.
We wish that the above mention format and tips will help you in making the task of resume writing simpler for you. It is essential that when you are drafting your resume you should organize it according to your work experience. Entry level applicants with little or no work experience need to highlight their academic details, internship details, professional expertise, skills and academic achievements.

As you are applying for job in science field, it would be considered as an added advantage that you mention the details of your specialization projects or research work in your science resumes. The recruiter should be able to read essential details by glancing through your resume, therefore, use bold and underline to highlight important points. Print the resume on clean and good quality printing paper. Make sure the formatting of the corresponding cover letter that you send along with your resume should have similar formatting like your resume.

Following are the science sample resumes:

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