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Food Scientist Resume

A food scientist, also known as a food technologist, works in the food processing industry. These professionals are educated in biology, nutrition and chemistry and they use their expertise to improve methods of canning, processing, freezing, packaging, storing and distributing food. Most food scientists work in the development and research departments of food processing companies. Some of them may work in processing plants as production supervisors or quality control inspectors. Some food scientists work for the government as inspectors or food graders, while others teach in colleges or work in advertising or sales.


Food scientists that work in the development and research departments of a company, study the chemical changes taking place in processed or stored foods. For example, cooking or canning food can lower the protein and vitamin content of foods. These professionals try to find food processing methods so that fewer nutrients will be lost and may also study the possible effects of food additives. One of the concerns of food scientists is verifying if there is enough food produced to feed the growing world population.

A large number of food scientists work in food processing plants, in the quality control department. They are responsible for inspecting raw ingredients to ensure that these are fresh and for making sure that the processing operation is being carried out according to government regulations.

In order to become a food scientist, those interested are required to have a bachelor's degree in food technology or a related field, but research jobs or teaching positions require a master's or even a doctoral degree.

Food Scientist Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Stephen Loggins
Birth Date: 10 August 1978
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of a food scientist within your company where I can optimize on my skills and experience to ensure maximum growth of the company.

Education and Professional Training

  • Master's degree in food technology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado in 2002
  • Bachelor's degree in food technology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado in 2000
  • Strong knowledge of cheese and milk technology (microbiology, chemistry and lab systems)
  • In-depth experience in poultry processing and value added meat
  • Vast experience with food processing equipment
  • Excellent knowledge of computerized nutrient analyses systems and government labelling regulations
  • Thorough experience with computerized programs on nutrition analysis

Professional Experience

2006-Present date: Food scientist for Agnes Foods, Denver, Colorado
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Developing products from the initial concept up to production
  • Assisting in culinary development of standard recipes for customers
  • Interacting with production, purchasing, quality, engineering departments and vendors
  • Conducting research studies in order to assist developmental projects
  • Preparing reports and proposals using my advanced technical expertise
  • Collaborating with consultants in the development of new applications
  • Developing prototypes for cost reductions and line extensions

2001-2005: Lab technician/product development for Starstruck Inc., Denver, Colorado
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Conducting experimentation on food technology and assisting food scientists in developing new flavor ingredients
  • Performing biochemical and chemical assays and determining physical properties of ingredients
  • Weighing, blending and processing raw ingredients to formula specifications
  • Packaging, canning and drying products for shipment to other locations
  • Performing raw material inventory and processing data management

Over seven years of experience in developing better and new ways of processing, preserving and packaging foods.

Areas of interest

  • French cuisine
  • Traveling

Available upon request.

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