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Geodesist Resume

A geodesist is a professional that has expertise in manipulating and acquiring data and information that must be referenced spatially based on decisions taken from quantitative and qualitative spatial analysis. The geodesist has other additional responsibilities such as evaluating cartographic data and information to make sure that they satisfy the company's business requirements regarding cartographic principles, geographic coverage and accuracy.


Generally, the job description of a geodesist implies that a geodesist studies shape, size and gravitation field of earth by using geodetic instruments such as theolodites, transits and are related instruments. A geodesist assigns 3 dimensional points on, above and below the surface of the Earth to determine the measurements of depths of oceans, abnormalities in the surface of the Earth and mountain peaks.

A geodesist must have at least a bachelor's degree in Geodesy, Geomatics, Earth Science, Geodetics, or an equivalent degree plus work experience. If you want to follow a career as a geodesist, there are a number of requirements you have to fulfill. For example, a geodesist must have demonstrated work experience in the Oil and Gas Upstream, remarkable skills with Geodesy, expert skills with Satellite Geodesy, expertise in Geographic and Projected Coordinate Reference Systems, knowledge with onshore surveying and onshore navigation, knowledge and experience with other navigation systems such as laser, acoustics, magnetic compass, basic understanding of the Geoscience disciplines, knowledge of Oracle, information management sciences.

A geodesist must be willing to travel internationally, must be adaptable to different working and living conditions and must be flexible. Other requirements for the job include good communication skills, strong analytical skills, self-monitoring and good initiative skills, and the ability to work in a team environment. You should add in your resume all the knowledge and skills you possess and that recommend you for this position.

Geodesist Resume Sample

Ken Mantle
Lonely Street, New York, USA

Personal Details

Name: Ken Mantle
Address: Lonely Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 6654


Seeking a position as Geodesist

Summary of Qualifications

  • Knowledge of studies concerning the shape, size and the gravitational field of the earth
  • Flexibility and adaptability skills
  • Willing to travel internationally
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Self-monitoring and good initiative skills
  • The ability to work good in a team environment
Professional Experience

Millennium Geodetic Professionals, New York, USA
Geodesist, 2002 to Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Studied the shape, size and the gravitational field of the earth using geodetic instruments and surveying such as thedolites, transits and other engineering instruments
  • Developed and maintained geodetic data management procedures
  • Assisted organizations with procedures, contracts and details concerning positioning for seismic surveys, facilities, pipelines and other locations
  • Evaluated geodetic accuracy of vendor geoscience applications
  • Provided geodetic support for the Cartography group and all Geodetics
Millenium Geodetic Professionals, New York, USA
Associate Geodesist, 2000 to 2002

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted geodesist in positioning instruments and performing gravimetrical surveying
  • Provided data about the weight, mass and size of earth

Master's Degree, Geodesic Studies, 1999
New York University, New York, USA.

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