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Social Scientist Resume

The responsibilities of a social scientist are presented further on, together with a sample resume, which can be tailored to the candidate's needs and used when applying for such a position.

The responsibilities of a social scientist can vary a lot. He can perform tasks starting with assisting scientists in areas such as research, data management, quality control or laboratory work. He can also be in charge of monitoring the subjects in order to determine if they are suitable for the experiment.


The ideal candidate must possess knowledge in the field and must be a computer literate. He should also know how to analyze, create graphics, manage the company's databases and handle the research on the Internet.

The social scientist is in charge of producing the bills, the reviews of the researches, the presentations and the manuscripts. Concretely, his work is resuming to the creation, the design and the modifications of an investigation program. He must monitor all these researches until the study reaches its end. He can also edits and present certain protocols or other documents. A good social scientist must obtain pertinent information in order to prepare the necessary written reports, tables, bills or graphics.

Basic Job Duties and Tasks

  • Preparing and managing databases
  • Submitting protocols and research documents
  • Summarize research related results by preparing tables, graphs, reports, etc.
  • Assist in the design of survey instruments
  • Develop and improve research quality procedures
  • Survey interviewers and supervise them
  • Fill in necessary details required for project completion
  • Allocate and manage resources
  • Check for errors and verify the data entered in databases

Training and qualifications

  • Career as social scientist requires a masters or doctoral degree in the particular field or closely related field.
  • Preference is given to students who complete their internship and gain hands on experience in this field
  • Social scientists are required to be well aware of the upcoming technological advancements and current developments


  • Should be able to use computer effectively for research related work
  • Oral and written skills must be excellent
  • Ability to discuss research results
  • Should be able to adjust in new surrounding
  • Logical thinking and problem solving are important traits

In order to achieve a good research or study, the social scientist should analyze the data thoroughly and then, analyze the historical plan. The studies of a social scientist cover all the areas, such as social, cultural or physical and make the connection between the human development and its environment.

Social Scientist Resume Sample

Personal details

Daniel Furman
522 W 38th Street
New York City
10018-1104, United States
(123)-456 7890


I want to obtain a social scientist position in your organization and contribute to the research conveyed by your team by keeping accurate data about the proceedings and the findings of each experiment.

Abilities and qualifications

  • Keen eye on details
  • Capable of maintaining accurate records
  • Extensive knowledge of human behavior and psychology
  • Highly organized individual
  • Developed communication skills

Professional Experience

Cousins Institute, Stony Point, NY
Social Scientist

Duties and Responsibilities

  • In charge of the immediate ad hoc reviewer identification
  • Studying the professional journals and reviews concerning the area of human behavior
  • Administering the review processes
  • Obtaining information from other sources and analyzing the discoveries found by the team by putting them against this information
  • Producing reports of the activities conveyed
Feed Foundation, Stony Point, NY
Social Scientist

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Directing the data analysis
  • Conducting a research individually concerning people's response to fearful elements
  • Representing the organization at external meetings
  • Training a team of 5 social scientist assistants
  • Providing proper information for the internal and external reports

  • New York University, NY, PhD Sociology (2000)
  • New York University, NY, MA Sociology (1995)
  • New York University, NY, Bachelor of Political Sciences (1992)

Computer skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Westlaw
  • Lexis-Nexus

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