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Sociologist Resume

A sociologist is a specialist who explores the causes and types of human behavior in groups and societies. His work is used in surveys, in order to determine the optimum conditions for work in different companies, in education, human resources, advertising and electoral campaigns. He conducts researches and studies on the evolution of groups and companies. These professionals are structured to identify patterns and related social and inter-human relationships.


A sociologist works in research institutes and universities, construction sites, offices and academia and uses academic libraries, case studies, recorded tapes, computers and computerized technology, books, etc.. in his job. Besides theoretical documentation, the sociologist also uses questionnaires, interviews, surveys, observations, experiments and surveys.

The sociologist is a person with higher education ready to carry out research on the development of society, groups and categories of social structure, social relations and institutions, social behavior and their influence on the individual (families, couples, teams, bands, communities, governments and corporations). All their findings are made public and are used in improving various aspects of life quality.

It is a beautiful job to analyze life style of groups of people and to analyze the influence of group activities on individual members. A sociologist can also develop problem intervention procedures, based on his research results and utilizing techniques such as interviews and consultations. A sociologist can also teach.

If you are qualified for a job as sociologist, then prepare a good resume which has to reflect all your qualifications and abilities. Your resume must your analytical and logical bent of mind that is able to explore and conduct researches. In your resume, you can include also much more important information and based on the below example, you will expose all the skills and abilities that you possess.

Sociologist Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Joanna Alright
Birth date: 25.09.1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To get hired as a sociologist and to have the opportunity to conduct research into development, structure, and behavior of human beings and patterns of culture and social organization from our society


Professional sociologist with six years experience in this field I am looking forward to become a part of your researchers' team.


  • Great analytical skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Computer skills

Work Experience

Sociologist, Sociological Institute, Alpine, 2003 -2009
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Researching on social factors affecting health care
  • Analyzing data, interpreting research results in order to complete and enrich the overall sociological information;
  • Discovering and researching new methods and techniques of social life
  • Making reports
  • Planning and conducting demographic research, surveys, and experiments

M.A., Sociology, Social work and Sociology University, San Francisco University, 2002


Collected and analyzed scientific data regarding social phenomena,
Taught sociology, direct research, prepared technical publications


Robert Adams,
Sociological Institute

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