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Zoologist Resume

A zoologist is the one who has a love for animals and work towards their welfare. They are involved in various researches to study the evolution of certain animals, their behavior, reproduction, characteristics, migration, their anatomy, preferred food and habit, the genetic factors and their structure. Zoologist work as managers or administrators in zoos and take every possible step to make sure that the animals are looked after in a better, safe and hygienic environment. They make sure that the animals are fed appropriately and on time. Apart from this, they might answer to the visitor's queries. A zoologist might also work in laboratories as technicians to conduct research on the animals on various aspects. They might take up a job in colleges and universities where they can teach and research of certain species. Zoologist are interested to know how animals interact, the diseases they may be suffering from and classify the animals based on their appearance, where they live, eating habits, etc. Keeping the above factors and the type of job a zoologist is applying for, one should draft and effective zoologist resume.


If you are facing any problem or confusion regarding the drafting of an effective Zoologist Resume then you have come to the right place. This page offers you a sample of such a resume. The sample will show you how a well-structured resume should look like and what all details will make your resume look attractive and synchronized at the same time.

For an effective zoologist resume one should know the kind of job you are applying for. Mostly their work is been carried out in a laboratory or they can also perform fieldwork. These days, zoologists use modern research equipment to research and gather data with the help of a computer. They dissect and examine specimens under the microscope and use various equipments to carry out experimental studies. Some of the zoologists specialize in some aspects of animal study and in this way; the research becomes more detailed and specialized.

If you are interested in a job as a zoologist, then you may want to know where you can work. Well, a zoologist can get a job in various national research institutes, museums, government agencies, zoos, provincial nature conservation departments and private organizations.

Zoologist Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Johnny Right
Address: 21, Sunshine Street, Hill Palace Road, Washington, New York
Phone: 255-800-1009

Career Objective

My aspiration is to become a very good zoologist and to combine my love for animals with my experience and knowledge to make research and studies that would help an organization.


  • Well-trained, licensed, with good professional skills, and an experienced zoologist
  • Love for animals
  • Well equipped with the knowledge of animal behavior and animal psychology
  • Excellent knowledge of land, sky, and water animals and about specific diseases
  • Excellent taming skills
  • Ability of analyzing animal related data
  • Good computer knowledge
  • Well-built and stout physique
  • Brave hearted
  • Excellent researching and reporting skills

Work Experience

Designation: Zoologist
Name of the organization: San Francisco Research Institute, San Francisco,
Duration of the tenure: 2007-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Studying processes related to animals life
  • Researching about animal diseases development and transfer from generation to generation
  • Observing animals in their natural habitats and in the laboratory
  • Studying the life functions of animals
  • Researching about social factors affecting the health of animals
  • Kept records of animals for study purpose
  • Researched on the day to day life process of animals

Designation: Zoologist Assistant
Name of the organization: San Francisco Research Institute, San Francisco,
Duration of the tenure: 2005-2007

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing laboratory equipments
  • Monitoring progress of ongoing clinical studies
  • Performing clerical duties for the zoologist

Educational details

Name of the program: PhD, Zoology,
Name of the institution: University of San Francisco,
Year: 2004
Name of the program: B.A., Animal Science
Name of the institution: University San Francisco,
Year of passing: 2002

Achievements and Credits

Member of 'Washington Animals Researchers Club' since 3 years
Won the 'Best Researcher of the Year' award in 2009


Mr. Robert Matins,
San Francisco Research Institute
E-mail address:

Mr. Smith Anderson,
Managing director,
ABC Research Institute
E-mail address:

Areas of interest


Other personal details

Date of birth: September 12, 1981
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married
Children: One Child
Driving license: B category 1998

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