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Social work resume

How Social workers as simply termed are individuals who work for the welfare of the society. They help the down trodden or the ones who are critically ill or have experienced misfortune. Children who have been abused, people who are mentally ill or the ones with psychological disorders, drug addicts, rape victims, disaster victims are treated and looked after until they are fit and healthy enough to take on life. Social workers in most cases target the population who cannot afford treatments. They take every possible step for their rehabilitation and care for their well-being. Many big organizations and groups have joined hands to tackle the various problems arising in the society. Candidates who wish to do social work need to be aware of the fact that the job is very demanding. One can also be called at odd hours during crises. On the contrary, there are no great returns in terms of money except if a person considers putting a smile on people's face to be priceless. A social work resume should be drafted as a usual resume, provided the candidate bears in mind their duties and job responsibilities that they need to undertake.


A good social work resume should include:

  • Introduction: The resume should begin with an effective introduction. The statement should be convincing enough to ensure that the candidate is seriously looking to work as a social worker.

  • Objective: The objective of a resume is of great importance. One should even foresee the future in this regard and display their confidence to reach their goal. For a social worker resume, the candidate needs to prove how motivated they are how highly they think of this profile.

  • Contact details: Contact details should be preferably place in the beginning of the resume. They should be legible enough and should include the name of the candidate, the postal address, contact telephone number, and email. This aids the employer to contact the candidate in future, without much hassle.

  • Qualifications and skills: The basic skills required for a social worker are counseling and clinical skills. One should highlight these details to assure the employer that they are fit for this job profile.

  • Experience: Previous experience working in the same profile is also very important. Experiences can be listed in detail because most employers would like to know the roles and responsibilities you undertook working in the profile. The number of years spent in this profile along with the kind of people you counseled and treated needs a mention. It is also mandatory to mention some unique cases you handled and the progress you and the organization saw.

  • Education: People opting for this profile should be educated with a sound mind. Their education and knowledge of certain things would prove very helpful to shape the minds of the people they are interacting with. A higher education in politic science and social work would prove very helpful for this profile.

  • References: The candidate should list at least two references although it is not very important in a social worker resume. References can also be provided later upon getting shortlisted.

  • Summary: The summary should give a gist of your resume. It should highlight your positive points in one sentence or two.

These above pointers not only form the basis of a social work resume but any other resume you wish to draft. The trick is, for a social work resume, one should think out of the box, as the job is not included in the mainstream profession category. It is a job only for the tough at heart who has nothing to lose. Now-a-day there is a lot of competition even in this job profile, so you need to make sure that you draft an effective resume and research about the organization you are applying for before your draft a resume.

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