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Childcare Worker Resume

Children are the future. So they need the best of care. The childcare worker insures the possibility to discover abilities and develop, for children in various institutions, public or private. He/she assesses the children's needs and assists them throughout all stages of development.


Childcare workers usually are qualified in the field. During training, they learn modern childcare methods, how to develop children creativity, how to solve age-related problems, they acquire child psychology notions. As a childcare worker, one has to provide a stimulating and safe environment for children, conduct group or individual activities, encourage learning and developing, teach interpersonal and social interaction skills and also take care of the children's meals.

The role of the childcare worker is a very important one. The employer always seeks for something special when reading a childcare worker resume. Such a resume has to be written and read without forgetting the role the childcare worker plays in the child's life.

Some general ideas should be kept in mind when writing a childcare worker resume. Short sentences are better than long paragraphs. Strengths should be highlighted, as well as details relevant for the employer. One should focus on the employer's requirements and see how he/she could best fit them.

Certain skills shouldn't miss from a childcare worker's resume: ability to communicate effectively, understanding and following of instructions, basic nutrition knowledge. When engaged in a job hunting experience, a CV template could be an idea to get one started; there are many resources and here is a sample of childcare worker resume.

Childcare Worker Resume Sample

Phone number:
E-mail address:

Career objective:

Highly talented and qualified childcare worker, with experience in providing care for young children, conducting activities, encouraging learning and developing social skills, preparing and serving child meals, I am seeking for a position as childcare worker.

Qualifications and professional abilities:

  • More than eight years of experience
  • Good communication and understanding abilities
  • Good knowledge of activities for children
  • Deep child supervision skills
  • Ability to provide child-appropriate environment
  • Good knowledge of infant and young children nutrition and hygiene
  • Good knowledge regarding children development stages
  • Ability to work in partnership with families
  • Good knowledge of child protection legislation
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

Professional experience

Organization - from - to - child care worker
Professional duties:

  • working as member of a team for providing children educational programs
  • ensuring the implementation of the appropriate care and education programs for children
  • coordinating activities of children groups
  • recording children activities
  • providing a healthy and safe environment for children
  • assisting in setting up equipment
  • attending to the needs of the children
  • handling administrative duties
  • assisting with indoor and outdoor supervision of children.

Organization - from - to - child care worker
Professional duties:

  • planning and implementing development programs
  • observing children individually
  • observing and recording children's behavior and development
  • integrating children with special needs
  • supervising and training new staff
  • preparing playing and learning materials
  • setting up children environment
  • supervising the children's play
  • helping children with daily routine
  • preparing snacks and meals
  • performing minor first aid interventions.

High school diploma

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