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Delinquency Prevention Social Worker Resume

The world we live in today is full of challenges and it often puts traps in the way of the young people. They can easily choose to avoid these traps, but if they fall into them, then the problems appear. Delinquency is such a problem, as, under the influence of the entourage, of the images seen on TV or of the values promoted by music and movies, the young people may become anti-social.


Delinquency can take a variety of forms: violence, theft, beating, and so on. It is a wrong attitude that promotes causing harm to the other people.

Either that or they decide to adopt such attitudes because they have a low self-esteem or because they want to be "the coolest in the school", these kinds of behaviors can harm others and even the person who performs them, and can turn into a real danger for the society as a whole.

Therefore, due to the impact of such a problem, there have to be some people who would take care of its prevention, and work with the representatives of the young generation in order to minimize its presence and effects. The delinquency prevention social worker is one of those people and his/her mission is that of creating and implementing campaigns which would help the whole community keep away from delinquency. His/ her main target would be the young, as they are the most exposed to bad influences.

In order to accomplish his tasks, he/ she must be a very balanced and patient person, very proficient with adolescents and having the ability to generate new ideas and strategies. If you are such a person and you are aiming at such a career, then here is how you should begin.

Delinquency Prevention Social Worker Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Serena Jones
Birth date: 2.04.1976
Address and contact details: 43 Addison Avenue, Boston,
Marital status: Married
Children: Four children
Driver's license: Yes


Being a delinquency prevention social worker means more than simply elaborating and implementing social campaigns, which would reduce the amount of delinquency deeds within a community, but it refers to establishing a very open communication line with the representatives of the young generation and to making them feel like they are really heard and that they can find alternative ways of expressing their fears and complexes.


To become a delinquency prevention social worker within your Community Center and thus to be offered the chance of using my qualities and my previous experience in order to fight against delinquency among the teenagers.


Patient and responsible, with very good communication skills, I am convinced that I would be fit to occupy this position.

Qualities and skills:

Patient, responsible
Very good communication and presentations skills

Other skills:

Computer literate
Foreign languages: Italian- advanced, Spanish- intermediate.

Work experience:

Social worker, The Boston City Hall, 2005-2009

Duties and responsibilities:

Monitor the intricate social cases
Come up with ideas and strategies in order to help the people involved in such cases


Bachelor's degree in Social Assistance at the University of Boston, 2001-2005
The Green High School, Boston, 1997-2001


  • Great results in solving problematic social cases
  • Great results in communicating with people
  • Great results in collaborating with the legal authorities
Areas of interest:

The Psychology of masses


Mrs. Emily Burdham,
The Boston City Hall,
Chief of Staff.

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