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Medical Social Worker Resume

Medical social workers manage services for and advice families and patients in a range of settings. Social workers are found in hospice, schools and hospitals and anywhere support and assistance is required. Moreover, victims of trauma, crimes or cruelty may principally profit from the activity performed by a medical social worker.

What are the main responsibilities of a medical social worker?

  • Release planning
  • Crisis involvement
  • Mental sanity assessment


  • Drug and medicine dependency appraisal
  • Short term deciding therapy
  • Helping support groups such as Rehab Family Group, Cancer Support Group
  • Ethical judgment counseling
  • Sorrow psychotherapy
  • Specialty assessment and organization for instance the Renal Transplant Group
  • Child maltreatment examination and reporting

What is a Typical Work Week like for a Medical Social Worker?

  • Usually, medical social workers are on duty non-stop and, if not, there is an available arrangement so that a social worker will always be reachable, in case of crisis or emergency.

  • A usual day in a medical facility can begin with an evaluation of the latest admissions to the hospital, present referrals and unsolved case problems from the preceding days. The day will usually go on with shifts on the numerous nursing divisions to team up with the nurses and physicians to arrange for the patient.

  • Furthermore, a medical social worker will use a big part of the day implementing plans for discharging patients or for resolving problems. This can include family or single patient meetings and, healthcare group meetings frequently.

  • One of the most important roles carried out by the medical social worker is the emergency intervention; therefore the day of a social worker can never go as planned. There can be a deceased on a unit, so the family requires counseling, an alleged child mistreatment case on a different unit, where an assessment needs to be performed to lend a hand to the team in reporting it to the Child Protection Services.

  • A day in a medical social worker's life can end with wrapping up and charting documentation; for instance statistics formalities or records entry and in perfect circumstances, debriefing with coworkers.
What educational requirements are needed in order to become medical social workers?

Majority of hospitals and other healthcare units entail that a medical social worker have at least a master's degree in a field related to social work from a program accredited by the CSWE. Sometimes, a unit might hire someone with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work to do discharge managing under the supervision of somebody with a Master's Degree in Social Work. Numerous care units require that their employees with a Master's Degree be working en route for licensure.

What are the skills required for becoming a medical social worker?

  • Close familiarization with medical terminology
  • Comprehension of roles and functions of the healthcare group
  • Understanding of health and illness psychosocial details
  • Understanding of public resources and facilities for discharge managing
  • Emergency intervention abilities
  • Short-term psychotherapy capabilities
  • Familiarity with the care arrangements and discharge managing activities

Sample Medical Social Worker Resume

Misha Erikson
77 White Street
Blueville, US 828288
Home: (992) 992-3303
Mobile: (241) 625-8118


Dedicated professional seeking an opportunity as Medical Social Worker

Summary Of Qualifications

  • Exceptional, professional guidance and interpersonal and communication capacities
  • Ability to gather records in a methodical manner and assess data that applies to customers


Medical Social Worker, 2005-present
ABG Health Facility, Big City, US


  • Main role was to aid patients and families with issues that go together with diseases or put off rehabilitation or recovery
  • Gathered patient information and collaborated with additional health experts to offer patients the best care available

Medical Social Worker Assistant 2000-2005
GJC Health Facility, Any City, US


Helped out social workers with patient data files, gathering records, putting together referrals to other workers and public resources


Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, 2000
Any City University, Somecity, US

Accolades And Involvements

  • Member of the American Association for Social Workers
  • Awarded with the Community Involvement Prize, 2007

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