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School Social Worker Resume

The school social work is a separate area of expertise within the field of social work. Social work practitioners in this sector of the field concentrate on offering resources meant to improve the psychological and social functioning of families and children through examinations of necessities and through attempts revolving around the improvement of less-developed areas.


The main duty of the school social worker is in helping the school system to reach its academic purpose. Social workers have an active part in guaranteeing that students achieve academic and personal potential in the schooling environment. A primary responsibility of a school social worker includes communication, particularly as directed towards the sustaining of the educational establishment or the general school system's academic work. The social worker supplies important counseling between home, school and the rest of the community. The social worker plays the role of a glue between guardians or parents, school officials and teachers; in some cases, they act as a link for children with grown-up stakeholders in the education community. The duties of a school social worker are:

  • Fulfilling the educational purpose of the hiring association
  • Assisting teachers in managing problematic students
  • Addressing misbehavior and truancy
  • Coping with issues such as drug and alcohol or pregnancy problems in the school systems
  • Educating children on the subject of conflict resolution
  • Help out students in dealing with nervous tension, for instance grief counseling following a traumatic event that influences the whole school community

School social workers characteristically have a bachelor's degree and might have a master's degree too. Social workers employed in schooling environment, as of 2011, will have a yearly salary varying from $28,580 to $42,350, as claimed by If you are a school social worker looking for the best guide to write your school social worker resume, you have come to the right place. There are certain rules for resume writing that you need to follow:

Use power-packed action words. Use of active voice instead of passive makes your resume interesting and easy to read. When you are stating references, be sure that the person has something positive to say about you and that you have taken his/her permission to enlist him/her as a referrer. Do not add any irrelevant information in your resume. You surely do not want to irritate your employer by wasting their time. Make sure your resume is free of typographical, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. You must proofread your documents many times before finalizing it. Make someone else proofread it as well. Now you can refer to this free sample resume, specifically designed for a school social worker and start working on your own resume:

School Social Worker Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Judy Morganson
Address: 22 Sunny Drive, Sunnyville, US 393881
Home: (111) 202-4040
Mobile: (333) 444-5050

Career Objective

Devoted professional seeking a position as School Social Worker.


  • Qualified social worker
  • Exceptional negotiation and communication skills
  • Good counselor and mediator

Professional Experience

School Social Worker, 2007–2010, Sunny High School, Sunnyville, US

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advocate for the school personnel and students
  • Pay attention to students' problems
  • Organized casual group talks for teachers, students, and additional school staffs to appraise circumstances and situations that harmfully influence the students and target teams, for example those with chemical dependencies and disabilities
  • Assistant School Social Worker,2000–2007, Sunny High School, Sunnyville, US

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helped the Chief social worker in all administrative duties
  • Scheduled appointments with students and teachers
  • Managed paper work
  • Answered phone calls and handled correspondence

Education and Involvements

  • Master's Degree in Social Work, 2000 Sunny University, Sunnyvale, US
  • Member of the School Social Work Association of America


Minerva Morris,
Sunny High School,
Sunnyvale (555 555 2233)
Email address:

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