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Computer Support Specialist Resume

A computer support specialist resume can be drafted by candidates who have ample knowledge in computer and all computer related activities. This page offers you details regarding the job and a sample resume that will guide you in drafting an effective and attractive resume.


Computer support specialists, also known as technical support specialists, assist people and companies in all computer-related problems and aspects. They can be desk professionals that provide technical help through phone or on line, but usually they have to shift, diagnose, and resolve all software, hardware and peripherals issues. They can be employed by a tech support company and work for the company's contractors or offer their service independently and be full-time employees of any business company or institution. In other cases, companies offer technical support specialist service alongside with the computer products they sell.

Usually technical support specialists do not have the responsibility of:

  • Training the user
  • Maintaining the computer equipment
  • Customizing and implementing for IT solutions

Their main task is that of troubleshooting, diagnosing problems, and coming up with solutions to resolve them. Therefore, the resume of a computer support specialist should point out obvious strong computer skills and knowledge, diagnosis skills and the ability to make decisions and offer solutions. These specialists really have to be IT experts in order to be able to identify all the possible problems at a large number of different components and computer products. Below is the sample resume for computer support specialist:

Computer Support Specialist Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Denis Moody
Address: 453 White Fence Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Phone: (203) 972-5000
E mail address:
Date: November 10, 2011

Career Objective

My aspiration is to reorient my career from a computer specialist in a private profile company to a technical support specialist who can provide service to a large number of companies and help them surpass any technical problem they may encounter.


  • Strong computer skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Capacity to make decisions
  • Find solutions
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communicational skills
Computer knowledge

All operation systems, VPN Technologies and Applications, Networking and Topologies, Socket programming/TCP-IP, MATLAB, C++, etc.

Work Experience

Designation: Computer support specialist, Level 2,
Duration of the tenure: 2001–2004
Name of the organization: Microsoft Company, Washington

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Level 2 computer support specialist

  • I provided in-depth technical support to subcontractor companies using analysis methods
  • I assisted Level 1 personnel in solving basic computer problems and investigated more complex problems,
  • I decided upon the priority of troubleshooting problems and signaled more complex issues to Level 3 technicians

Designation: Computer support Executive
Duration of the tenure: 2004–present
Name of the organization: Softech Company, Bellingham

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing any problems
  • Addressing and assisting the clients on telephone
  • Reporting any serious defects to the senior
  • Provided technical support to subcontractor companies
  • Resolved all software, hardware, and peripherals issues

Education and Training

  • Name of the degree or program: PhD in Computer Engineering,
  • Name of the institution: Washington University, Washington
  • Year of passing: 2000
  • Name of the program/degree: Master's in Computer Science
  • Name of the institution: Washington University, c
  • Year of passing: 1996
  • Name of the degree/program: Bachelor's Degree in Informational Technology
  • Name of the institution: Washington University, Washington
  • Year of passing: 1994


Throughout my career, I succeeded in promoting to the position of Level 2 technician and addressing more complex computer problems that have challenged my skills and abilities.

Areas of interest

  • Computers,
  • Networking
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Travelling


Mr. Daniel Smith
Manager of Microsoft Co., Washington
36, Southern Alley, Dark Forest Street
Phone: (789) 566-2899
Penny J. Cannon
Manager, Softech Company
2436 Briercliff Road
Staten Island, NY 10306
Phone: 718-668-6125
Other personal details
Birth date: 3/ 3/1981
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married,
Children: one child
Driver's license: Yes, B category, 1991

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