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Diesel Engine Specialist Resume

A diesel engine specialists must be able to repair, recondition and run complete tests on the diesel pumps, rotary in line and lift pumps and injections, no matter the manufacturer or at the very least the most common ones: Lucas, Simms, Stan dyne and others. These engine specialists work for big companies where engines are repaired: some of these places focus on small vehicles, some focus on large, heavy duty ones such as the Caterpillar or the Cummins and others focus on the marine or other industrial markets. Those who want to get hired at such a place will have to write a good resume, because if the image of such a firm is that of a serious and professional one, the candidate will have to present themselves to the employer in the same manner. The diesel engine specialist resume must contain all the essential details of the resume: contact details, a clear and simple stated career goal, work experience as an engine specialist or similar, education, references. Keeping all these in mind and the fact that you do not need more than a one or two-page long resume; feel free to use the following resume sample to write your own resume.


Diesel Engine Specialist Sample Resume

James Donovan
150 W Main St, French Settlement, Louisiana, 70733
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: (423) 753-6464
Citizenship: US Citizen


Get the position as Diesel Engine Specialist in your firm. It is my objective to use my skills and knowledge in the field in order to repair engines with complicated technical problems and help the company become known for the quality services it provides.

Skills and abilities

  • Details oriented
  • Very good knowledge of heavy duty engines
  • Proven and exceptional communication skills
  • Great technical skills
  • Knowledge of microprocessors used in diesel engine
  • Great ability to adapt from team to individual work
  • Proven skills in reading technical drawings
  • Knowledge of hand tools as well as power tools
  • Knowledge of using hydraulic jacks or hoists
  • Very skilled at understanding technical specifications
  • Great computer skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Specialize in diesel engine fuel injection system
  • Able to understand the needs of the clients fast
  • Able to lift and carry items up to 30 pounds

Work Experience

Diesel Engineering Technician, Any Company Name, Any city, state

  • Traveled to the dealers, clients and site projects for various services and tasks
  • Offered field technical support and training to the dealers' network
  • Provided feedback on the products
  • Wrote technical reports on the projects' updates, dealer or customer follow up
  • Filed the expenses for the projects
  • Performed scheduled maintenance of machinery like changing oil, testing batteries and equipments for lubrications
  • Performed realignment of wheels and brakes
  • Performed routine inspection for loose bolts and screws and other working parts of engine
  • Provided complete servicing of engine units like combustion engines, pump, transmission and differential units
  • Aligned suspension system
  • Inspections and maintenance of automotive and mechanical equipments
  • Performing inspection and diagnosing malfunction units by the use of pressure gauges handheld computers and classic charts
  • Taking test drive of trucks and buses to identify malfunction and to make sure that they are working correcting after repair
  • Checking braking system, steering, wheel s supporting parts and other important parts on scheduled inspection
  • Calculating the invoices for the clients
  • Kept track of the products in the inventory
  • Provided help with whatever else was needed


  • High School diploma, Any High School, Any city, Any State, year
  • BS in Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, year
  • On the job training, Any Company name, Any city, state


Mr. Samuel Michaels, General manager, Company name, city, state

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