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Organizational Development Specialist Resume

They have to plan, organize and coordinate training programs for leadership or subordinate staff that can help the company become more efficient and the employees more innovative and effective in their work and work performances.

An organizational development specialist has to be knowledgeable in the human resources domain and in business development. The company's business strategy is important to be understood and the development activities and programs have to be constructed around the company's business goals and profile.


The resume of organizational development specialists need to satisfy the special requirements for this position, by including the BA or BS, a few years of experience in a similar position, knowledge about organizational development techniques and concepts and/or about human resources managements. Additional skills that qualify the incumbent in working with people and communicating effectively in order to improve their professional performances should be mentioned.

Organizational Development Specialist Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Julian Trapp
Birth date: 01.10.1977
Address and Contact Details: 480 Main Street, Houston, TX
Phone: 890.070.9760
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


The Human Resources Management diploma and the years of experience in the field of career planning and development in the business world have helped me become proficient in the role of organizational development specialist. Strong professional skills in the field recommend me to occupy a similar position in a large company and a demanding environment that can present itself as a challenge and provoke me in offering excellent services.


My objective is to be able to demonstrate my abilities and knowledge and contribute to your company's development strategy by designing the appropriate training programs for your employees.


Organizational development specialist, with experience in the field, in search for a real career opportunity.


  • Knowledge in human resources, business development and career planning
  • Experience in the business development field
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand business and professional goals and adapt resources
  • Ability to plan and coordinate training programs
  • Ability to analyze, innovate, recommend solutions and improvement strategies
  • Driven, energetic, motivated
Computer knowledge:

Intermediate computer literacy

Work Experience:

Organizational Development Specialist, 2004-2011


The work implied by this position consisted of:

  • Identifying and integrating competencies, role and function into organizational development and human resources processes
  • Collaborating with the company's leadership and departments in order to effectively implement business strategies
  • Coordinating and organizing development activities and programs for employees
  • Giving assistance in career management to the company's employment
  • Adapting human resources to business needs and targets
  • Implementing automated performance and talent management
  • Contributing to the improvement of general organizational performance
Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Business Administration, North Shepherd University Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management, North Shepherd University


The position of organizational development specialist offered me the possibility of working with highly trained professionals and help them better achieve their professional goals

Areas of interest:

  • Literature,
  • Science,
  • Sculpture

Available upon request

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