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Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

As the quality coordinator, the quality assurance specialist works in various domains. They test products and approve products such as: clothes, vehicles, machines, food, health products and computer software.

The duties of the specialists are various and different from one activity field to another. Some of the specialists have to taste or smell products, test video games or computer programs and software, while others may have to run laboratory tests, etc.; all these with the purpose of checking that the quality standards of each product are met. In this case, some of the quality assurance specialists may spend time in front of the computer, others on the field and others in the laboratory.


When testing a product, the quality assurance specialist will have to do following tasks:

  • Analyze the documents accompanying the products (charts, the customers' reviews, descriptions, etc.)
  • After finishing the testing process, they will have to make a report
  • It is possible that the test may be run several times and all this information, as well as the result, will be written in the report
  • Each tested product will have a report with the positive results and with the problems that had appeared during testing
  • The specialist has also the duty of keeping all these notes into a database
  • Recommends and implements modifications on the existing equipment and achieves the optimum quality within the limits of the equipment
  • Notifies the management of the demand of new quality trends and reports service failures
  • Routine inspection of the equipment

Abilities and skills required for this kind of job description:

  • Project management and technical software skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Proficient in use of software like Excel, Access, SAP, etc.
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Should be able to work well under stress and prioritize goal properly

Persons with a high school diploma, or more specialized in the field may apply for this job. Remember that the employers need someone with analytical thinking and able to perform this duties. As in almost all cases, experience matters a lot, so do not omit this aspect from your resume either.

The resume should end with references and personal details. It is advisable to mention personal details in the beginning for easy accessibility from the employer's point of view. References on the other hand can be listed in the resume or can be furnished upon request of the organization; once the candidate is shortlisted for the job.

All the information listed on your resume should be authentic, as wrong information will only spoil the candidate's reputation and would waste the employers as well as the candidate's time in making the arrangements and meeting each other personally.

Quality Assurance Specialist Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Danielle Bishops
Birth date: 12/8/1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Quality assurance specialists are professionals who take care that the products we use, clothes, computer programs or software, or any other products, are rising to the standards. The quality assurance specialists will keep a database with all of the performed tests and will recommend ways to improve the products' quality.


  • To develop a rewarding career as a quality assurance specialist at your company
  • Based on my experience and ability to adapt and to learn very quickly
  • To become a valuable employee


Experienced quality assurance specialist I have a strong desire to learn new things and to specialize in this domain, to become a reliable, trustful employee.


  • Great communicational skills (verbal and written)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Creativity
  • Computer skills
  • Responsible and hard working
  • Technical and administrative skills
  • Attention to details

Work Experience

Quality Assurance Specialist
J&M Enterprise, San Antonio, 2003–present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Testing products
  • Analyzing the accompanying documents
  • Revealing the tests' result
  • Keeping records on quality tests
  • Recommending quality improvements


B.A. in Business, San Antonio University, San Antonio, 2002


Accomplished all the duties assigned

Areas of interest

  • Business
  • Quality standards


Johanna Trims
J&M Enterprise, San Antonio

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