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Reading Specialist Resume

Reading specialists try to increase the reading skills of all students using school reading programs, literacy resources and materials and collaborating with other classroom teachers, school administrator and parents. Such teachers use different sets of techniques and strategies to provide individualized lessons for children. Generally, reading specialists work in classrooms with individuals or group level students.

The daily duties of a reading specialist include preparing assessments to determine the students' reading levels, conducting reading plans, guiding children through reading to overcome issues of literacy, consulting with other classroom teachers and parents to recommend at-home strategies for improving reading skills, working with school librarians and coordinating reading interventions.


The reading specialist's educational requirements may vary from state to state, however, the most common requirements include a bachelor's or master's degree in reading and literacy, which covers the essential reading skills and information needed to be a reading teacher. Some schools may require their candidate to have student teaching experience and possibly a reading teacher certification or a teaching license.

If you qualify for the job and you want to follow a career as a reading specialist, you should search for other smaller job requirements which will create a winning resume. For example, if you possess the educational requirements, then you can add other qualifications such as personal abilities and skills. For example, you can mention that this job motivates you and you are interested in helping children achieve their reading skills with determination. As for other skills, you can mention organizational skills, good physical condition, exceptional vision, team-player with the ability to establish effective work relationships with other teachers and parents, or the ability to define and resolve problems, or excellent communication skills.

Reading Specialist Sample Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Mandy Morrison
Address: 123 Main Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 1243


Seeking a position as a Reading Specialist

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent ability to read and interpret texts
  • Remarkable ability to communicate the lesson's objective and contents
  • Exceptional ability to respond to general demands and complaints from parents
  • Ability to work cooperatively with other teachers
  • Solid ability to notice problems and handle them
  • Good physical condition including ability to sit, walk and stand for long periods as the job demands
  • Strong ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Excellent vision to see far and near
  • Exceptional ability to read printed materials
  • Remarkable speech
  • Active listening
Professional Experience

Star County Educational Service, New York, USA
Reading Specialist, 2002 - Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participated in the staff courses provided by the district
  • Assisted classroom teacher in reading language arts programs
  • Modeled reading instruction for the student levels
  • Selected reading materials used in the classrooms
  • Evaluated the students' performance
  • Submitted relevant data and reports
  • Participated in the Country-wide committee in developing specific activities
Education and training

Master's Degree, Reading, 2000
University of New York, USA

State of New York Licensed teacher

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