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Weight Reduction Specialist Resume

Weight Reduction Specialists have an important impact on helping people lose weight and maintain a proper physical condition and a healthy lifestyle. Apart from providing them nutritional advice, weight loss consultants are in charge of providing clients with emotional support and exercise options. Weight loss consultants can have private offices and be self employed, while others work for major health clubs or facilities.


Start your Weight Reduction Specialist Resume by mentioning your contact details such as full name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address. The next section of your Resume should contain your professional objective, that has to describe what position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications recommend you. Mention several personal skills as well as some competences you have gained in your experience as a Weight loss consultant.

It is also very important to mention previous experience in counseling people who want to lose weight and professional achievements. The last section should focus on your formal education and areas of interests. It is also advisable to find out what your prospective employer looking for and then tailor your resume according to his expectations.

Sample Weight Reduction Specialist Resume

Contact information

Name: Hannah Jenson
Address: Park Avenue, New York
Marital Status: Married
Driver's License: B category, 1999


From my point of view, a Weight Reduction Specialist is an expert entitled to give advice concerning body mass reduction, fitness tonus and health improvement.


I am looking for a position as a Weight Reduction Specialist which will give me the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience in order to provide help and support to those who want to lose weight and improve their lifestyle.


People oriented, talented and experienced Weight Reduction Specialist, I am eager to face new challenges and willing to act in my client's best interest.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good physical shape
  • Self motivated
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic
  • Driven
  • Team worker
  • Multi tasking
  • Stress management
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Knowledge of food safety habits and techniques
  • Able to coordinate and motivate clients
  • Problem solver and oral comprehension
Work experience

Weight Loss Consultant, New York Health & Racquet Club, 2005-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Meeting client's needs and expectations;
  • Providing counseling and advice to overweight clients;
  • Establishing meal plans in order to determine weight loss and sodium reduction;
  • Assisting, motivating and teaching clients on how to reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Teaching clients about good and bad eating habits and the importance of fruits and vegetables in daily diets;
  • Designing, developing and implementing training programs and routines to improve weight loss and promote healthy eating habits;
  • Promoting and selling weight loss equipment;
  • Advising clients on how to use weight loss equipment.
Weight Reduction Assistant, New York Athletic Club, 2001-2005

Duties and responsibilities

  • Ensured compliance with health care policies, standards and regulations;
  • Maintained good collaborating relationships with all clients;
  • Assisted, supported, encouraged and motivated clients;
  • Solved existing problems or complaints;
  • Kept track records for each client;
  • Assisted Weight loss specialist in establishing meal plan and eating schedules;
  • Sustained presentations concerning the importance of eating habits and daily exercise;
  • Weighed and measured clients;
  • Assisted Weight loss specialist in establishing a diet program.
Education and training

Bachelor's Degree in Health and Nutrition
High School Diploma
Food Hygiene Training Course

Achievements and affiliations

Developed an excellent training program for overweight people
Member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)

Areas of interest

Tennis Lessons


Paris Gilmore
Weight Specialist at New York Health & Racquet Club

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