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Sports Resume

Sports have become a very lucrative area to earn a living. You need to make sure that you send a professional well-written resume, when you are applying for these jobs. When you are applying for any sports job, send a cover letter, resume and current game schedule. Sports resumes must include details such as your achievements in sports, extracurricular activities, education details and previous job details related to the sports field. Before you start drafting your resume, collect all the information you need to mention in your resume. Provide all the correct facts and figures.


Steps to write sports resumes are as follows:

Contact details:

Mention the contact details in the header of your resume. Provide details such as your name, residential postal address, email-id and contact number. Make sure you mention a professional email-id. If you are planning to change your contact number or residence location during the recruitment process, provide alternate contact number and postal address.

Athletic achievements:

List your major achievements in sports. Mention the state level or inter-college level sports you played. If you were the captain or MVP of the team, then mention it in your resume. List your latest 8 to 10 achievements in this field. The recruiter would be interested to go through your current game schedule. Do not mention your current game schedule in your resume. Send it separately along with your resume.

Extracurricular activities:

The coach or recruiters are looking for your over all development. Hence, mentioning the extracurricular activities you participated in during your academics will be an added advantage. Provide the details of activities where you worked in a team. If you were the leader of any program conducted in your college, mention it in your resume. Your leadership and interpersonal skills are judges by the recruiter. Mention the list of intercollegiate competitions you participated in.

Job History:

Provide the details of the relevant work experience in reverse chronological order. Mention the most recent work experience at the top followed by other work experience in backward order. Provide detail such as your job profile, company's name, period you worked for the organization and your roles and responsibilities. If your job was related to sports, then place emphasis on your roles and responsibilities. Mention these details in such a way that the recruiters must think that sports are your passion and you love your work.

Education details:

List your education details in reverse order, starting from the recent qualification moving towards the oldest. Those who have undergone specialized training in their favorite sports can mention it in their education details. If you have received any sports scholarship during your academics, make sure that you mention it in your resume. Mention details such as the degree name, year of passing, and your achievements during that academic year. If you have a huge gap in your academics, do not mention that.


Provide reference of your past 2 to 4 jobs. Mention the contact details of your manger such as their designation, companies name, contact number and email-id. Provide the reference of the person who will provide positive information about you.

The sports resumes on this website can be used for reference when you are creating your resume. It is essential to highlight the appropriate details when you are applying for any job. These resumes will help you to put forward the correct details that will create the right impression about you with the recruiter. Proofread your resume and get rid of any spelling or grammar mistakes.

The sports resumes must place emphasis on the candidate's achievements in sports and extracurricular activities, work experience details and sports scholarships. Highlight your achievements in the sports by listing them using bullet points.

Following are the sports sample resumes:

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