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Athletic Trainer Resume

As the name suggests, an athletic trainer resume is prepared for getting a job in any of the reputed organization or sports academy. There is no such hard and fast rule for preparing a resume, but it should contain some of the related information such as professional summary (present and past experience), educational qualifications, project details, achievements, hobbies, contact information (email address and telephone number), skill set and personal details.


The main duty of an athletic trainer is provide the training for keeping yourself fit and treating of injuries while playing. Athletic trainers work along with team doctors to ensure that athletes are given proper physical therapy and also check that they recover well and be fit for the game. In addition to this, the athletic trainers also teach athletes how to maximize their strength in order to avoid other injuries and recommend different type of exercise and proper diet. Other duties for athlete trainers include the treatment of some minor injuries of the athletes by wrapping the packs of ice on the injured areas or use spray to provide instance relief and bandage the wounded area. Below is the sample resume for athletic trainer position, as it contains all the necessary things that need to be included in the in it. Let us have a look on it.

Sample Athletic Trainer Resume

Contact Info

Name: Michael Kent
Address: 639 White Lane, New Market, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 6754

Career Objective:

Looking for the position as an Athletic Trainer in any of the reputed organization so that I could use my key skills and experience to bring the organization to the top most ranking in the world. My sole aim is to serve the organization in the best possible way it can be. I am technically very sound and have an experience of over 7 years in this field.

Skills and competencies

  • Exceptional human relations skills
  • Good knowledge sports and its related to its activities
  • Remarkable time management and organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and excellent co-ordination with the workers
  • Hardworking and passionate towards working environment
  • Good analytical skills and can easily come out of the difficult situation
Professional Experience

Designation: Athletic Trainer
Organizational Name: Fit Corp, Orlando, New York, USA
Duration: October 2007– Till Date

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide training to the athletes to expand their skills in sports
  • Conducts training seminars (medicated training programmer) to provide knowledge about specific subjects
  • Keep a keen watch on the activities of the individuals, if they are performing the task to their best or not.
  • Prepare specific plans with the athletic director for the introduction of newer technologies
  • Evaluate the performance of the each athlete and suggest them certain changes, if necessary
  • Coordinates with the staff members to increase the productivity
  • Responsible for planning the budget according to the requirement

Designation: Junior Athletic Trainer
Organizational Name: Association of School Administrators, TX, United States
Duration: October 2004– September 2007

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Offer primary athletic training methods including injury prevention programs, injury examination, emergency control, and injury treatment
  • Assist the senior trainer with implementation of newer technologies
  • Interpret on-site athletic training services for the entire team for championships ( both Home series and Abroad series)
  • Prepare a report at the end of the day and submits it to the Senior Athletic Trainer
  • Direct and oversee the required athletic and non-athletic injury or illness
  • Keep a check on the staff members, whether their work is completed with the given time frame or not
  • Conduct and perform administrative duties such as planning initial appointment and transportation to specific locations
Academic Summary
  • Master's Degree in Applied Arts and Science from Brown University in the year 2003
  • Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts and Science, from Brown University in the year 2001


  • Received the award for the best trainer from National Athletic Association in the year 2008
  • Received the first prize for the best services rendered to the Association of School Administrators, TX, United States, 2009

Areas of Interest

  • Technology
  • Sports


Name: Mark Boucher
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: ABC Athletic Association, Any Town, USA
Phone No: 968-456-2121
E-mail id:

Name: Simon Truffle
Designation: Athletic Director
Organization: Fit Corp, Orlando, New York, USA
Phone No: 369-258-7894
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of Birth: 25 February 1981
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: One
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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