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Golf Instructor Resume

It takes a lot of patience, talent and responsibility in order to become a golf instructor. You need to be a very disciplined and methodical person, who is able to teach others. Sometimes, teaching others may be a difficult process, as people are different and so are their personalities and their learning abilities. If you think that you could be all this, then you should start making golf instructor resume right now.


Today, it seems that, more than ever, there is a strong emphasis on physical activities and sports of any kind. If we switch on the TV, there is always someone behind the screen who would tell us to exercise as much as we can. The doctors also advise that taking on a sport, of any kind, would rid us of most of our illnesses. We might be tempted, at a first glance, to opt for a sport which is rather common, we might say, like basketball, football or swimming. Of course, these activities all have their specific charm, but we could also consider learning something new, like golf, for example.

Most of us think that playing golf is only for the rich people, who thus fill their spare time. This is what we see in movies, but the reality is slightly different. This sport is not so difficult to practice, and it's not only the wealthy people who have access to it. If you look for a golf instructor's number in the phonebook, you might actually be surprised by what you will find. There are many of them in your vicinity, who are well-prepared and willing to introduce you to an activity which does not require so much physical force, but a well-trained mind, which would be able to come with the right strategies on the field.

Sample Golf Instructor Resume

Personal details:
Name: Jack Daniel
Birth date: 18.04.1983
Address: 32 Low Lane, Virginia, Richmond
Marital status: Married
Children: Yes
Driver's license: Yes


To become a golf instructor within your club, and thus make use of my knowledge and work experience in order to initiate other people into this beautiful sport.


Ambitious and enthusiastic but, at the same time, self-disciplined and methodical. I am sure that my previous experience and my passion for golf would convince others of its charm.

Qualities and Skills

  • Self-disciplined and methodical
  • Vast knowledge of golf
  • Patient
  • Good listening skills
  • Good in golfing techniques
  • Proficient in therapy and counseling
  • Dedicated to this sport
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good customer service skills
  • Ability to work well with all kinds of people
  • Good in monitoring or assessing performance
  • Good communication skills
  • Good natured cooperative attitude.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to go along with children
  • Knowledge of human behavior and psychology
  • Languages: German-advanced, Polish-intermediate

Work experience

The Arena Golf Club, Virginia, 2000–2006

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach others how to play golf
  • Manage and maintain the necessary equipment
  • Giving consulting services to agencies or individuals
  • Training students in such a way that they can act as coach
  • Setting up training modules to teach golf in non conventional ways
  • Organizing golf awareness camps and workshop
  • Treatment and assessment of behavioral and affective disorders.


  • The Polk High School, Virginia, 1995–2000
  • An intensive golf course, 2000
  • Graduation in sports
  • Attended self development and communication skills work shop
  • PGA professional golf management program


  • Great results in working with children
  • Great results in communicating with the others
  • Member of professional golf teachers association of America

Areas of interest
Golf strategies and techniques


Mrs. Virginia Watson
The Arena Golf Club, Virginia
Phone no: 799009 89999

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