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Supervisor Resume

Supervisor position is a managerial position, where you guide and direct a team. The supervisor resumes must be different than the basic entry level resumes. When you are applying for supervisor job, you are expected to have work experience or degree in management from a well-known university. When you draft your resume for supervisor level job, highlight your leadership and management skills. Your resume should be divided into sections such as objectives, work experience, education, awards and honors and skills.


Points to remember when you write supervisor resumes are as follows:

Job Objective:

It can be mentioned by young graduates without any work experience applying for supervisor's job. Candidates with work experience can skip this section. Avoid writing a generic job objective. By reading your job objective the employer must know the job profile you are looking for, your educational background, your skills and achievements that make you the appropriate candidate for the job.

Work experience:

Mention your work experience in reverse chronological order. Your recent work experience must be at the top followed by the rest work experiences. Provide the details such as your designation in previous organization, the organization name, duration of your tenure in previous organization, and your roles and responsibilities in the previous organization. Those who have work experience in similar job profile need to highlight their strengths and achievements as a supervisor. You can provide details such as organizations name, designation, tenure at the organization, and your duties and responsibilities. Use bullet points to list all the details. Highlight those roles and responsibilities that are suitable for supervisor's job.


Mention the relevant and most recent education detail at the top, followed by other education details. Mention your academic achievements and honors (if any). Those who have undergone special training for supervisor job need to mention it in their resume. The educational details must include the degree name, year of passing and your rank or GPA. Mention GPA only if it is above 3.5. Also mention special awards and honors that you received during you tenure at your previous organization.


Young graduates without any work experience need to make sure that they highlight skills necessary for supervisor's job. Candidates with work experience can highlight the skills that they may have developed when they were working at their previous organization.

  • Relationship building skills:
    As a supervisor, you are in charge of a team. Hence you should be approachable, efficient in relationship building and reliable. Mention these skills by providing an example. Young graduates without any work experience can provide examples from their internship or college programs.
  • Management skills:
    As a supervisor, you are responsible for getting the assigned tasks completed within time using limited resource. Mention the details of multiple deadlines you met. Provide example of the complex task you completed in given time.
  • Communication skills:
    You are the mediator between the higher management and your team associates. You need to report to the upper management and supervise your team. Communication is the key skills necessary for the job. Provide details about creating schedules for your team members and handling budget. Also mention how you helped in effectively conveying the right message to the team member to get the work done in the correct manner before the deadline.

This website contains various supervisor resumes that you can use as a guideline. These resume samples will help you to highlight appropriate data. Your resume must grab the attention of the employer. Hence by placing emphasis on the appropriate details you can get the right job. Make sure that you proof read your resume and make necessary corrections before sending it to the recruiter. Use readable font and font size. Use font style such as Times New Roman or Arial. Use bold and underline to highlight important details in your resume. The resume should be properly formatted.

The supervisor resumes must include your experience details, your education qualification, skills and achievements. It is important to highlight your communication, interpersonal and management skills. Candidates with relevant work experience can mention examples of their achievements at work through, which the recruiter can judge their skills required for supervisor's job.

Following are the supervisor sample resumes:

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