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Advertising Dispatch Clerks Supervisor Resume

Advertising dispatch clerks are professionals that compile and dispatch schedules for advertising and advertising materials to publications. They collaborate with advertising personnel in order to receive the necessary materials for dispatching and they might have the responsibility of proofreading and correcting this material. They also collaborate with clients about the advertising materials and establish publication strategies. They mostly have to organize advertising materials and copies and make sure that they reach the determined destination.


In addition, advertising dispatch clerk supervisors have to manage the bills and the checks and establish good relations both with the customers and the vendors. They have to make sure that the creative department has all the necessary materials and resources and they help the sales and marketing department in handling the advertising products. Advertising dispatch clerk supervisors have to follow-up correspondence and answer material related enquiries from clients. Their resume should make obvious organizational and communicational skills and a strong inclination towards administration.

Advertising Dispatch Clerks Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Faith Lange
Birth date: 16.05.1975
Address and Contact Details: 201 Folsom Drive, 56 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: Yes


I have been working in the advertising field in different job positions that implied administrative tasks and I have been an advertising dispatch clerk for our company for the last 10 years. My experience is extensive enough and my insight in the company's procedures and client accounts is sufficiently strong to qualify me for the position of advertising dispatch clerks supervisor.


My objective is to become the manager of the advertising dispatch clerks' team and offer my experience and ideas in improving the general performance of the department and increasing the productivity of the company.


Advertising clerk professional, with experience in dispatching and a career within the company, applying for the position of advertising dispatch clerk supervisor.


  • organizational skills,
  • verbal and written communicational skills,
  • dynamic,
  • leadership skills,
  • interpersonal and negotiation skills
Computer knowledge: Linux, Windows XP, Microsoft Office, database application

Work Experience:

  • Advertising dispatch clerk, 2000-2010
Westlake Advertising Agency

Responsibilities: in charge of the dispatch of advertising materials to clients and publications, in charge of dispatching bills and checks, in charge of inventories and database administration and with correspondence.

Advertising media clerk, 1995-2000

Westlake Advertising Agency


  • in charge of recording clients' advertising schedules,
  • calculating advertising space costs,
  • mediating the relation with media such as newspapers, magazines, TV channels,
  • calculating advertising impact related to population, targeted public, space rates and so on.
Education and Training:

Master's in Advertising, Atlanta University Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, Atlanta University


I have successfully contributed to the quality of the client relations of the company, performed my tasks with seriousness and participated at the team dynamic.

Areas of interest: business, administration, social networking, advertising, media

References: Mr. Sam Brown, Department of Human Resources, Westlake Advertising Agency

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