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Animal Maintenance Supervisor Resume

If you consider yourself a person who loves to take care of animals and maybe have some experience in a similar field as well, then this is certainly the job for you. Once you start working for an organization that deals with animal maintenance, you will realize how fulfilling the job really is. When it comes to handling animals, the responsibilities might be numerous. Therefore, the duties of an animal maintenance supervisor include:


  • Hiring, coaching, reviewing and supervising the assigned employees and in some cases making recommendations and suggestions to the employees
  • He or she might have to develop, schedule and plan the care and the feeding programs of the animals
  • It is also needed to inspect the rooms of the animals for sanitation, the proper use of the mechanical equipment and the condition of the cages
  • The animals must be kept in conditions that comply with the federal and the department's guidelines
  • Constant health inspections need to be carried out in order to make sure animals do not need medical attention. However, if they do then you will need to make sure that they get the proper medicines after getting a visit from a veterinarian doctor
  • Monitor the breeding of animals and make sure that proper care is given to them
  • Make sure that transport of goods such as animal food, equipment and other supplies to the site takes place smoothly without any hassles whatsoever
  • Guide new employees so that they get accustomed to their tasks and gather feedback to improve the functioning of animal maintenance
  • Keep a regular check on the bathing facilities of the animals and make sure that they have regular baths
  • Keep the employees motivated and listen to as well as solve their grievances
  • Ensure the smooth functioning of the maintenance center and put in maximum efforts in order to improve it

If you would like to have a job like this, then you should mention in your resume that you are passionate about animals and you might want to include the prior experience that you had with animals and leading functions you might have had. For your convenience given below is a rough draft of an animal maintenance supervisor resume. Kindly refer to it once you start preparing a resume of your own.

Animal Maintenance Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Dan Scott
Address: 4905 Rogers Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214, USA
Phone number: 513 560 1167
Birth Date: 28 April 1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


I am currently aspiring for the job of an Animal Maintenance Supervisor at your institute. I want to be given the opportunity to show proof of my skills and my experience with animals and of my skills with regard to leading and supervising a department.


I am a trained, passionate Animal Maintenance Supervisor looking for a job in this field, with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, organization skills and the ability to develop good relations with the co-workers and with the clients, caring for the animals and with knowledge about them.


  • Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Organization skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Extensive knowledge about animal behavior and anatomy

Work Experience

Animal Care Supervisor, 2007 – present
Collins College, Tarrytown, NY

Job Duties

  • Supervise the employees on a regular basis
  • Hiring, promotion, evaluation and termination of the employees
  • Create, plan and schedule the feeding and the care of animals
  • Inspect the animal rooms
  • Check the condition of health of the animals
  • Assist with the department planning
  • Oversee the breeding of certain animals
  • Animal Care Worker, 2004–2007
  • Collins College, Tarrytown, NY

Job Duties

  • Clean, disinfect and maintain the areas where animals are handled
  • Feed, bathe, water the animals
  • Assist in monitoring the status of the animals


Certified by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Scientist
Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science, New York University, New York, USA


Organizing trainings for the new employees
Organizing successful projects regarding the animals

Areas of Interest

  • Animal behavior
  • Animal training
  • Business management


Bob White
Collins College, Tarrytown, New York, USA

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