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Animal Shelter Supervisor Resume

The duties of an animal shelter supervisor include performing or supervising tasks of the co-workers in order to fulfill all the requirements of animals such as preparing food, providing water, feeding the animals, cleaning and disinfecting the kennel, cleaning the litter and the food pans, cleaning the floors, washing the debris from the walls and the list goes on. He or she also has to monitor the sick, injured, and quarantined animals and observe whether there is any unusual or abnormal behavior. There is also need to show the animals to veterinarians and to offer information regarding licensing, vaccination and so on. An animal shelter supervisor needs to have a lot of information on animal care and their maintenance. Experience working on farms would be an added advantage in this profile. An animal shelter supervisor resume should be drafted keeping in mind the job profile and the demands of the job. The applicant should be able to convince the employer that he is the right choice for the job.


In order to get a job in this field, your resume should be effective and impressively drafted. Training undertaken by the candidate for this job and the right mix of qualifications and knowledge backed with experience goes a long way to fetch a job in this profile. Here is a sample animal shelter supervisor resume that can be used by candidates as a reference.

Animal Shelter Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Marie Wright
Birth Date: 28 April 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the job of Animal Shelter Supervisor at your shelter and through this, gain even more experience to advance in my career. I would wish to get new assignments and undertake new responsibilities to grow as an Animal Shelter Supervisor.


I am a highly trained, experienced, and organized Animal Shelter Supervisor looking for immediate employment with good communication skills and public relations abilities. I am good at giving instructions and always aim to develop good relationships with the rest of the staff. Apart from this, I possess immense knowledge on animal care and how they should be kept.


  • Good communication skills; both written and verbal
  • Organization skills
  • Passion for animals
  • Good knowledge of animal care
  • Knowledge of food to be given animals, keeping in mind the nutrition value of it
  • Knowledge of the conditions that the animals should be kept in

Work Experience

Animal Shelter Supervisor, 2008 to present
New Home Animal Shelter, Florida, USA

Job Duties:

  • Overseeing the workers who are assigned with various duties; including feeding and exercise
  • Taking care of the animals until they are returned or adopted
  • Managing the everyday duties and writing reports
  • Making sure that everything is well organized
  • Checking for food stock and also if the shelters are cleaned and well maintained

Assistant Animal Shelter Supervisor, 2006-2008
Dotting Pets Animal Shelter, Wisconsin, USA

Job Duties:

  • Assisting the supervisor in the management of the duties
  • Dispensing duties
  • Checking the animals and their condition
  • Developing the working schedules


Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, Florida University, Florida, USA


Leading a smaller group of workers Holding trainings and seminars with reference to animal care Possess experience both in animal care and in managing the shelter

Areas of Interest

Watching animal behavior
Exploring innovative ways on training animals
Training and holding seminars
Internet Surfing
Reading management books


Rosalyn Mendez
General Director
New Home Animal Shelter, Florida, USA
Contact number: (1257) 748-548

While drafting an animal shelter supervisor resume, one should also emphasize your love for animals. Your knowledge in animal care and experience in this department would help candidates get the desired job in this profile.

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