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Booking Supervisor Resume

Booking inspectors intermediate between the clients' and the company's necessities in order to obtain a balance that benefits both the timely transportation of different cargos and maximum and profitable utilization of ship space. They decide upon the usable tonnage of a ship and assign different tasks to workers involved in handling the cargo and loading the ships.


They establish special conditions for refrigerated or container cargos. They keep reports and booking records and communicate with other departments of a shipping company in order to assure efficiency and to successfully address problems. Booking supervisors must face urgencies and make decisions related to shipment schedules. The resume of a booking supervisor must include his or her leadership skills, ability to communicate and intermediate between people and departments, ability to adapt to the clients' needs and to address challenging situations with best results.

Booking Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jack Daniels
Birth date: 08.09.1965
Address and Contact Details: 590 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


Although my educational background isn't related to the positions of booking supervisor, I have gained throughout the years an extensive experience in business, more particularly in transport logistics. I find myself very qualified to manage a team of people in order to establish the best balance between the client's needs and the company's resources.


I am applying for this job in order to improve my professional development in a dynamic environment that can benefit from my business and coordination experience.


Logistics professional with experience in cargo shipment and booking procedures, capable of organizing shipments in a timely-manner and cost efficient and utilizing shipment resources to the full.


business and logistics competencies, organizing skills, communication skills, leadership skills, ability to manage stressful situations and urgencies and to establish good client relations.

Computer knowledge:

Windows XP, Microsoft Office, specialized booking applications, database applications

Work Experience:

Booking supervisor
Orchard Supply Hardware Stores, 2003-2010


In charge with managing booking activities and establishing cargo loading according with ship space and capacity and directing and supervising booking clerks activities. Establishing good relations with contractors and subcontractors and making sure clients' shipping needs are properly answered.

Booking clerk
Medallion Destination Company, 1983-2003


In charge with the booking of shipments and with record keeping, documenting ship capacity and space availability, monitoring cargo delivery dates and managing booking paperwork on schedule.

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Boston University
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Boston University

Achievements: in my previous professional positions I accumulated extensive experience related to booking tasks and supervising and managed to obtain high performance and successful shipments.

Areas of interest: business, freight activities, social relations

References: Mr. John Locke, Inbound Logistics Coordinator, Orchard Supply Hardware Stores

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