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Casework Supervisor Resume

A Casework supervisors' main responsibility is that of helping the caseworkers implement social programs and initiatives and taking care of all the necessary administrative aspects, so that these programs can efficiently develop. They can be thought of as social services directors that make final decisions regarding social strategies and treatment methods. They have to constantly evaluate the employees' performances and make sure that the services they render are of top quality, so that the improvement can be visible and reliable. They establish training programs for new employees, organizational targets, goals and procedures. They also assist in group or individual counseling and offer diagnosis and treatment support to the employees.


The resume of a casework supervisor needs to concentrate on his or her social sciences knowledge, whether it is psychology, social assistance, sociology or some related studies. Leadership and management qualities are important, but most of all, the experience that recommends the candidate for this work counts.

Casework Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: James Deff
Birth date: 02.02.1980
Address and Contact Details: 35 S Court St, Montgomery, AL 36104, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


I am a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in the field of social services, searching for a career opportunity in the field of casework. I consider myself to be excellently qualified for this type of job, not only with consistent knowledge in the domain of psychology and social assistance, but also in the domain of organizational management. Besides my expertise in the field, I have new idea regarding policies and procedures that I want to develop in a social services organization.


I wish to be an integrated part of the casework endeavor and participate with my knowledge and experience in the improvement of the social methods and at the general health of the society.


Certified psychologist with the desire to continue my work experience in the field of social services, as casework supervisor.

Skills/Competencies: human understanding, empathy, respect to confidentiality, management abilities, creativity and professionalism, interpersonal and communicational skills, persistence and optimism, dynamism and ability to work in stressful conditions.

Computer knowledge: Windows, Linux, Office XP

Work Experience:

Casework supervisor, 2002-present Damian Social Services Organization, Alabama


  • in charge of managing the activities of the organization and supervising caseworkers in groups and individual conferences.
  • in charge of implementing positive and effective social strategies and properly administrating the endeavor of social workers.
  • in charge of assisting the staff in diagnosis and treatments.
Education and Training:

Master's in Social Assistance, Alabama University
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Alabama University


I have managed to contribute to the general health of my community and to resolve a number of social cases alongside my colleagues.

Areas of interest: psychology, social services, culture, management

References: Mr. Dana Smith, Department of Human Resources, Damian Social Services Organization, Alabama

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