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Cemetery Workers Supervisor Resume

Cemetery workers supervisors are professionals who coordinate the working operations and activities in a cemetery, which generally implies preparing and maintaining graves and cemetery grounds. However, their responsibility is not strictly supervisory. They have administrative tasks to perform too. In collaboration with the cemetery manager, they establish development plans and schedules for the cemetery and cemetery works, such as water system installation, sewer lines installation, road sealing and so on. They establish the program for different maintenance operations and prioritize work related to grave digging, disinterment, grave marker placing, lining and so on.


Cemetery workers supervisors determine equipment, resources, and necessities and take all the necessary steps in supplying them. They monitor employees' work and make sure that everything is on schedule and done properly and according to the client's requests. They assign tasks and discuss different aspects with the client related to the burial proceedings.

As supervisors, they have to demonstrate the usage of different equipment and techniques, such as finishing cement, pruning shrubs, using the backhoe or casket-lowering device. New employees have to be trained by the cemetery supervisors. In case of damage or malfunction, the cemetery workers supervisor may perform minor reparations on the equipment. They may specialize in the administration of mausoleum vaults.

The resume of a cemetery worker supervisor must contain all the relevant work experiences, and the duties and responsibilities relating to it. It should be to-the-point, free of mistakes, simple, yet sophisticated and impressive.

Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Ben Bell
Date of birth: 6/11/1985
Address: 21, Grant road, Newlands Avenue, Okemos, MI
Contact no.: 878 787 8787
Nationality: American


To work as a cemetery workers supervisor in a cemetery services organization that specializes in inventive memorial services.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor's degree in business administration


  • Basic computer skills
  • Good organizational and administrative skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Inventive and creative

Work Experience:

Cemetery worker supervisor, Best Cemetery services Inc., Okemos, MI

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Managing the team of cemetery workers
  • Overlooking flower arrangements, cleaning, inscriptions, markers, lettering added to existing monuments
  • Assigning leaves, maintaining reports and records
  • Showing clients around the cemetery property


Mr. Andrew Mariner, Best Cemetery services Inc., 909 999 3999

Sample II

Personal Details

Name: Mark Tenehan
Birth date: 03.03.1981
Address: 36653 N Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX 65463
Contact: (203) 972-4325
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I have been working with a team of professionals in offering the best cemetery services and I wish to occupy the specialized position of cemetery worker's supervisor in charge with mausoleum vaults in order to contribute to the excellence of mausoleum vaults services.


  • Administrative and organizational skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communicational and interpersonal skills
  • Physical strength
  • Technical knowledge in handling equipment and tools

Computer knowledge:

Windows XP, Office, Internet Browsing

Work Experience:

Cemetery workers supervisor, 2001-2009
Long Field Cemetery, Houston


  • Managing the team of cemetery workers
  • Administrative duties like assigning leaves, processing time sheets, maintaining records
  • Assigning responsibilities and monitoring the progress of work
  • Scheduling maintenance program
  • Training new employees in the use of special equipment and tools

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Texas University
Bachelor's Degree in Geography, Texas University


As a cemetery workers supervisor, I have managed to coordinate my team in a satisfactory manner

Areas of interest:

  • Reading
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Playing
  • Painting
  • Flower decorations
  • Social media networking

Mr. Daniel Lewis, Manager of Long Field Cemetery, Houston Contact no: 789-88989-89.

Other personal details:

Birth date: 03.03.1981
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married,
Children: one child
Driver's license: Yes, B category, 1991.

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