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Central Supply Supervisor Resume

Central supply supervisors are in charge of coordinating the daily activities of employees that work in the distribution of medical supply and medical equipment departments of hospitals. They manage all the aspects of handling and supplying medical resources as well as the operations of decontamination. They supervise the activities of furnishing sterile as well as non-sterile equipment and supplies for the treatment of patients.


They give directions in the operations of cleaning and disinfection of equipment, in storing and packing different medical supplies, in preparing medical solutions and arranging stocks. They are the primary employees responsible with controlling, inspecting, inventorying and requisitioning medical supplies and equipment. Central supply supervisors also have to make sure that hygiene standards are respected, as well as other hospital regulations in handling medical supplies. They give instructions on how to sterilize equipment and use different solutions and substances for cleaning, on how to maintain medical equipment, and they make sure that the employees use aseptic techniques.

The resume of a central supply supervisor needs to include the special educational training that qualifies him or her for the job - pharmaceutical studies and medical technology studies are the most common alternatives and constitute an advantage. Central supplies supervisors have to be prepared not only in properly managing a team of people, but also medical equipment with special requirements.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Aileen Carlyle
Birth date: 03.03.1982
Address and Contact Details: 3663 N Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX 77032, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: No


Aspiring for the position of central supply supervisor and use my skills as a central supply employee in better administering the department, making it more efficient and reducing costs in the limits of possibility.


Central supply professional, with experience in the field, applying for the position of supervisor, which can offer me the opportunity for career improvement.


  • Extensive Medical, technical and terminological knowledge,
  • Good knowledge of hygiene norms,
  • Expertise in technical procedures related to medical supplies administration and distribution and to equipment maintenance,
  • leadership and communicational skills

Computer knowledge:
intermediate level computer literacy

Work Experience:

Central Supply Specialist, 2001-2010
Saint Victoria General Hospital, Houston


  • in charge of sterilizing, handling, maintaining, and distributing medical supplies and equipment,
  • using sterilization equipment, storing, packaging and requisitioning medical supplies,
  • applying work hygiene rules and hospital regulations,
  • assisting the medical staff with medical supplies related issues

Education and Training:

Master's in Medical Technology, North Texas University
Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Science, North Texas University


In the position of central supply specialist I have performed my responsibilities with integrity and helped the well functioning of the department and of the medical services

Areas of interest:
medicine, pharmaceutical science

Mrs. Hellen Moore, Manager of Human Resources Department, Saint Victoria General Hospital, Houston

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